Great day out from Tokyo: Kamakura, and Kamakurakokomae

I did promise ages ago to share about my fantastic day down at Kamakura – not only does it have beautiful temples, but at Kamakurakokomae there is amaaaaaazingly beautiful coastline. I love beaches, and from the time I discovered this place last year, I’d been dreaming of returning. 

I thoroughly recommend it to you too, if ever you go to Japan.

This time I had the pleasure of going with some girlfriends Utarou and Aki, which made it more fun and less introspective than last time. It was a bright day but cold, so we were rugged up.

I’d already seen the big Buddha which Kamakura is known for, so we didn’t stop there.

We swapped trains at Enoshima, but since I’d been to the island the previous year we didn’t go there either.  We walked through the lanes filled with holiday makers, with kites looming overhead ready to pick off our lunches, so we ate stealthily.
We ended up at the little station which housed the Enoden line, and there was a cool little miniature of the town there.

From the train there were glimpses of the ocean beyond

You could get off the train wherever you like, but we alighted at Kamakurakokomae, the prettiest stretch, I think. The stations here are squished between densely packed houses.

And then it was time to hit the beach and explore!

Utarou joked that this was a zombie fish! In its previous life it had been a puffer fish, or fugu.
The sun glinted off the waves and it was entrancing
I saw a gorgeous puppy, whose owner had clothed it in a flanny shirt!! Bogan terrier.  The girls decided to stop for a ciggie break while I patted puppies 🙂
Looking back at Enoshima Island

I would have stayed all day, such was the lure of the sea…but there were temples to see back at Kamakura. And so it was back on the little train, for the next step of the trip. More in future posts.

If you want to see more, check out the Google map, and have a look at the gorgeous coastline for yourself. Just drag the little yellow man to the road near the ocean and voila, pictures pop up. It’s great for when I’m pining for the place.


  1. Kamakura with Akie!! <3

  2. Hehe…we always do day trips of some sort when I'm in town – last year she took me to Koenji, Nakano and Kichijoji.

    You'd know Utarou too – she's the singer from Baal (but she looks all scary and angsty and demony when she's onstage). She's a mad keen surfer and we have plans to visit more beaches when I return.

    BTW, thanks for commenting!

  3. Wow, it looks gorgeous! I'd love to explore more of Japan's coastline 🙂

    We're quite spoiled as Tokyo Telephone tower is just ten minutes walk from the sea!

  4. Oh, you're so lucky!!