Gothic Lolita outfit & make-up for the Pandimensional Halloween Syndicate

I haven’t dressed up in aaaages, and this club certainly warranted it. The flyer said to come dressed in 15th to 19th Century Halloween gear – but said that aliens and time travellers would be allowed in. Hence, pretty much any costume would fit in OK!

For my make-up I channelled a bit of Pat McGrath (MUA for Dior, Galliano etc), a bit of Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter, and a lot of Japanese goth.

The outfit was sort of Neo-Victorian Spooky Gothic lolita, with big pouffy PVC ballgown skirt and puff-sleeved Victorian shrug from Artifice Clothing. AC is just amazing, so if you’re into clubwear and PVC, or just out there fashion, go take a look. I wore a big tutu skirt underneath to puff the skirt out more.
Frilled collar: No Wear UK
EGL brooch at throat: Fan Plus Friend
Corset: Louise Black
Victorian Boots: Pleaser
Cosplay wig: eBay
Straw hat with beaded lace overlay: me

I will do some follow-up posts – one a make-up tutorial to ‘get the look’, and another on the club itself, with pics of other patrons, the performers and fab band “Barons of Tang” (who bill themselves as ‘Gypsy deathcore’!)


  1. Another great hat. And I still love that corset. Your eye makeup is incredible here. You look like you would scare the crap out of anyone who saw you in the 19th century. Awesome!

  2. I love the look, makes me miss my gothy days. That corset is beyond amazing. Couture-esque!

    I remembered your cocoon shirt post and ran across this DIY while blog hopping

    and this etsy store that offered them

    I think I'll have to do the DIY ♥

  3. Haha, yeah I look a bit consumptive, to say the least!! And thanks!! The make-up looks better from further away, IMO.

  4. Mitsu – thanks so much for that link – that is AWESOME!!! We should do a DIY shred-off!!

    And I never knew you used to be goff 🙂 I guess anyone into non-mainstream fashion passes through that kind of territory at some point. I dabble in gal but am still drawn to the dark side, muahaha…

  5. Wow! This costume is amazing. You look stunning in a super creepy kinda way!

  6. Oh thank you 🙂 I make sure I smile a lot when I'm out so I don't come across as a creepy goff 😉

  7. You creepy goff you 😛 You know how much I looooove that corset and it works beautifully with everything else!

  8. Hehe!! It IS a beautiful corset and so ladylike, I can see why everyone loves them. Thanks for your lovely comments too – I know how busy you are responding to your OWN comments!! I really appreciate it, you sweetie, you xx