Gothic fashion in Sydney; the Gothic Mile, Enmore

How was your Halloween? My afternoon was spent strolling through Newtown/Enmore aka the “Gothic Mile” of Sydney, joining friends at the Duke Hotel for a beer, doing a quick change and hitting the Under the Blue Moon event, All Hallow Eve’s Ball (headlined by GPKism).

First I visited all the gothic shops on Enmore Road. If you like dark alternative, gothic or punk stuff, you will LOVE this area. I’ll post a video of my walk soon (I have to edit it first!) Here is a small intro via the digital camera.

A rundown of the gorgeous stores follows below, and here’s an overall map to get you oriented.

In Visible Light is the first store you come to. IVL has no website but is a fantastic dark place stuffed to the gills with Living Dead Dolls and other scary toys, costumes and accessories, spooky decor, heads in jars, weird lenses, jewellery and leather work. It’s at 4/6 Enmore Road.

Then The Wild One looms into view, at 20 Enmore Road. TWO is 15 years old, and specialises in extravagant, clubby, cyber and fetish clothing. David sews the gear himself and has a lot of PVC – skirts, pants, bustiers, corsets and even caps. There are also great gauntlets, buckles, spiked collars, belts and more.

Next up is my own hairdresser Doppelganger Hair at 44 Enmore Road. Melissa and the girls are AWESOME and if you want a rad hairdo or colour, dreads or loose extensions, here is the place to come. Doppelganger also sells Directions hair colour, and offers make-up, massage and acupuncture services.

In the next block is Aftertaste, at shop 3, 80 Enmore Road. Aftertaste sells a lot of punk, deathrock and ghoulish type gear; Doc Martens in many colours, other divine shoes in slime green and lurid purple, band shirts, belts and even a range of rock kidswear!

Reactor Rubberwear is next, at 82 Enmore Road. RR is Australia’s largest and oldest manufacturer of rubberwear/latex clothing and other fetish novelties.

The Queen of Sydney corset shops Gallery Serpentine, is at shop 2/116 Enmore Road. Famous for their exquisite corsets, GS sells a wide range of dark and gothic wear, from Victorian and Steampunk clothing, to burlesque and cyber wear, platform shoes and boots, magazines and cosmetics.

My sparkling turquoise corset in the post on Tokyo Decadance, is from Gallery Serpentine, and I own many others from GS too. They even stock Miss X cosmetics, the make-up line of my friend and fellow blogger Amelia aka DestroyX, and of course, Angelspit’s music, merch and Surgeon-X accessories. (And on a semi-related vanity note, in their Vena Cava video, I’m the chick in the red corset with red cocktail hat and feather boa).

Amelia and I rocking out (and yes, I did make my red mini tophat)

That’s it for stores on this side of the road, so we pop into the Duke Hotel for a beer, before crossing over and visiting shops on the other side.

Le Cabinet des Curiosities, very much old school goth, is at 97 Enmore Road. Cabinet stocks medieval gowns, bondage pants, Lip Service and many other labels, as well as jewellery, magazines, goth and metal music and merch, and unusual gift items.

Finally we come to Anar-Chic at 39 Enmore Road. Anar-chic has really wearable punk, metal and alternative clothing, Demonia and TUK footwear, accessories and magazines.

Although we didn’t get to south King Street (the stretch from Newtown station down to St Peters station, this is a great strip for vintage, rockabilly, and indie stores. I’ll give a rundown on these in a later post.

At 525 King Street is Furr Hair, which is another fab place to get edgy ‘out there’ hair. Whether brightly coloured hair is your bag, or you’re after quirky assymetrical cuts, dreads, leopard print or cool shaved designs on your scalp, you can get it here, along with Manic Panic products.

In my next post, I’ll feature the All Hallow Eve’s Ball and have lots of pics. For now, I need a long lie down to recover!


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