Goldfrapp’s fab jackets. Long hair/fur jackets.

Alison Goldfrapp (fabulous at 43) looked divine this evening in her sparkly all-in-one sequinned catsuit and 3 different jackets. One was this amazing shredded plastic looking one,

another was in a stiff tulle or synthetic silver fabric with big ruffled shoulders,

and the third was a glorious long hair/ fur concoction in shades of pink.
It was quite reminiscent of the Maison Martin Margiela hair jacket of 2009, seen on Kate Moss.
I’m really becoming a fan of the long (faux) fur look – like this jacket from Topshop (sadly, no longer available)
Although I do love coats in bright fake colours that no yeti would be seen dead in! Like the blue coat from Versace below.
or my own hot pink monster fur hoodie

From Nastygal we have this Arctic Faux Fur Jacket

This fun article from Universal Doll shows that monster fur is a big trend in Shibuya Gal fashion this season too! The scan from August Scawaii shows they are getting fur crazy.
Do you like the look? Or are you done with fur already?


  1. Yes hon! I land on August 27th – will hit Decadance Bar and Golden Gai that night, then see Nao with 13th Moon at Shinokubo Earthdom on 28th August. Save up so you can come out! I go back Sept 5. Yep, we're gonna shop too 🙂 But yeah, I'd love it if you found some long fake fur

  2. I love fur jackets! I even have one…. But due to the political incorrectness of them I get nasty comments about it when I wear it, so I just don't wear it often.

  3. Yeah, I only have one secondhand fur item but have never worn it out. That's why I like faux though – everyone's happy!