Fukubukuro pictures, Part 2

Now I’m back home and can upload pics from my Sony, here are some more pictures from January 2nd – the day the New Years lucky bags go on sale in Japan.

The excellent site Tokyo Fashion has already done 3 fab articles with loads of photos on Fukubukuro here, here and here.

As for me, I went to Marui One first, as I wanted to get gothic gear. I was there about 10.30 but there was no queue out the door or anything. It was only when I got inside that I saw masses of people looking at the sales and the various bags. Here’s a quick pic I took on my way out:

I was there primarily for the shopping, not to take pictures, so there weren’t that many. After all, I had THREE major centres to hit! I passed Studio Alta around midday also, and there weren’t too many girls out the front, although it was very crowded inside. Many had the rolling pink floral cases by Liz Lisa, I noticed.

Had I but known, I should’ve just stayed there, as between Alta and Lumine Est, most of the major gal brands are covered, and I wouldn’t have been swept along in the seething mass of people that was Shibuya 109. But, to Shibuya I went.

It didn’t look too bad from far away…


But you could only see the madness when you got up close!

Everywhere were people jostling, clutching multiple lucky bags…some TV company was even filming it, as you can just see here…

lucky bags Shibuya 109

gyaru lucky bags Shibuya 109

lucky bags Shibuya 109

You can see the familiar brand names Cecil McBee, Vanquish, Ank Rouge, Rose FanFan, JSG, and one that might be Manalove…everywhere girls were opening their packs and swapping with girlfriends nearby (as items are not always the same, even in bags from the same brand).  I took these pics as I was carried along by the crowd. Once inside it was little better; again the crowd just surged along taking you with it like a raging torrent, and you had to try to get out of the crowd to enter a shop you liked. One – Emoda – had quite a queue to even get in the store, such was its popularity. And then there were the queues at the tills.

I decided just to buy particular pieces I liked rather than lucky bags, as I’d already bought 2 naoto bags in the morning, and the ones where I could see the contents, were not that appealing to me.

I then went to Harajuku, visiting La Foret for the the gothic punk underground floors, before proceeding along the street past Forever 21, where you can see girls spruiking the bags outside:


Here’s what they sounded like: Girls at Harajuku Forever 21 spruiking lucky bags

And here’s how slow it was walking in the crowd from La Foret to Takeshita Street: Harajuku on fukubukuro day, Jan 2

Takeshita Street was, of course, crowded to the max as well:

SO great were the crowds out that day, that as I was waiting for the Yamanote line train back to Shinjuku, a very strange thing happened: the  trains stopped to let people OFF on the other side, but wouldn’t let people ON.  This just doesn’t happen on a normal day, no matter how busy. Two trains passed in this way, and I despaired of ever getting home, when a third train finally arrived and actually opened its doors to the ravening hordes. PHEW!


  1. wow soo busy. I thought it got busy here but thats just madness, Did u enjoy Japan?

    • Oh, I’m GUTTED to be back. Just a few more days and I would’ve made it to a few more events and met HEAPS more people! Damn having-to-be-at-work-on-Monday :/

  2. How come everyone in Japan’s cities is so stylish?? Just wondering!

    • Aww, there are a lot of boring looking people in office clothes too, same as everywhere! But yes, there are a lot of people who take risks and really think about their appearance, resulting in some eye-catchng outfits.

  3. Madness! I’m almost glad we missed out on it this year! It does look like good fun though…

    Looking forward to seeing more of your Japan photos!

    • Eep I didn’t take that many of Japan itself…more of shops/boutiques and things! (And people I met up with) And I left the connection cable to upload pics from my Nikon back in my hotel room, so until I get to a camera store on Tuesday, those ones will remain hidden :/

  4. Ohhh man I am SOOO jealous! I want a lucky pack from Liz Lisa! 😀

    BTW if you ever want me to send you some collars for cheap let me know. My local vintage shop has them for $25 each or $35 each for the super big ones.

  5. O____o Buuuusy! D:

    • Hehe, yep, I’d only go back to 109 & Takeshita on Jan 2nd to take pics, not to actually shop! Sticking to Shinjuku is a far better idea for shopping 🙂

  6. Oh, so you did that a lot of great photos to share. That is great, especially since you braved the crowds there to do it. 🙂

    • Ah well, Tokyo Fashion does a far better job than I at Fuku photos…but I like to do my bit I WILL be back one year in Jan to brave the sales again!