Final Episode

So, sometimes I’m a wee bit slow. I’ve just discovered this fantastic website that launched in September, and I’m drooling.

It’s called “Final Episode” and it showcases the work of accessories designers who are extremely innnovative and fashion forward – think Camilla Skovgaard, Dries Van Noten, Opening Ceremony, Jeremy Scott and more.

I love their attitude: “fashion is a tool to flaunt one’s individuality and express one’s sense of self”. Hear, hear! It MUST be hip and happening – Grazia put it on their list of things “Going Up” last week, right next to the pic of Alexa Chung. I likewise appreciate their ethics: “Here at Final Episode, we believe everyone should make an effort to reduce their environmental impact. Wherever possible, our paper and packaging items are sourced from recycled materials”.

But enough theorising; onto the products themselves.

My unrequited love for extreme platforms and studs finds an object to lust over in these “Samantha” shoes by Tristan Blair:


Although there are some beauties by Camilla Skovgaard that are also tempting.

Then there are the improbable but loveable shaped sunnies from Alexander Wang and Jeremy Scott (alas, now sold out):


Those of a dark and gothic persuasion will adore the jewellery, and especially that of Julia DeVille in her Disce More range, where bird skulls, talons and crossed bones feature..



There are a whole lot more quirky accessories, including belts, scarves and bags, so it is well worth a look. If you sign up to Final Episode, you get access to special offers, releases and product launches too. For any enquiries, email:

Or you can follow Final Episode on Facebook or on twitter.


  1. I loev the claw? thingie in the left bottom!

  2. haha I saw this on your twitter and I was thinking… final episode of what? What series? haha 😀
    hmm not really my style 😀

  3. Oh! Love! I must find some money! I am in love with the skeletal jewellery (it is my thing LOL)

    • I like that it is quite fine and unique, not like Hot Topic type accessories 🙂

      • I tend to buy a lot of things from etsy, and buy my everyday jewellery from Alchemy Gothic. If I could justify it, I would love to get one of these items and make it a signature piece. Just work all my other jewellery subtley into the background, and have all the focus on one of those pieces. They are gorgeous and look to be like they are worth the extra money! ^_^