Film-themed bar in Golden Gai, Kabukicho

Following on from my post on Sumire No Tenmado, I thought it would be worth mentioning the rest of that night – also spent in bars in the Golden Gai area of Kabukicho.

The three of us stumbled out into the laneway after hot chocolate and cake in the lolita bar – and wanted to experience a bit more of the Golden Gai before heading home. Valerie, Jim and I looked at various doors and posters outside the tiny establishments, and saw that this one had film posters plastered everywhere. Orright!

In we went, to discover that the owner had been an actor for many years, and was friends with names we know well – like director Takashi Miike! (To my dismay I can’t remember his name or that of his friend, or the bar – but I will find it again next month and let you know).

Soon we were having a lovely time and felt like old friends – see us being silly below:

You can really see how small these bars are – just enough for 5 or so. I’m standing by the front door to take this. Valerie doesn’t like being photographed really, so this is a rare one.
Next it was my turn to be in the picture and ham it up with the guys. I think you can see we were having a right laugh!
Valerie and Jim left to catch the last train home, but I stayed to chat and have a few more beers. Fun! Finally I stumbled out and WAS going to go home….but saw the light was on in my fave punk bar Hair of the Dogs as I passed – so I went in.  (See this post and this one for more on the bar).
This blurry pic accurately describes my rate of comprehension at the time:

Tohru the owner was pleased to see me – and invited me to his hanami party that Sunday.  I realised we were beginning to become friends, rather than just patron and punter. It felt good.