Fashion eBay – making it easier to spend your money!

Who amongst us hasn’t at some time or other felt the thrill of bidding at an eBay auction? Remember the feeling?

Your pulse races, your heart thuds in your ribcage, your breathing quickens and your temperature rises (um, yeah, a bit like sex).

The frenzy that ensues in those last seconds of the auction!

The  living-on-the-edge-feeling as you place your final bid!

And the feeling of absolute elation when you are told: CONGRATULATIONS! YOU JUST WON THE ITEM!

 I have to admit I used to be a bit of an eBay junkie, especially as a lot of gothic, punk and lolita stuff was easier to buy online than in Australia. I managed to wean myself off when the Aussie dollar dropped back in ’98. But a new development may well have me back there if I don’t watch out.

EBay has lauched Fashion EBay, a huge section devoted just to fashion, in the same way there’s been a Motor section running for some time.

Fashion Vault has been launched, offering substantial discounts on label items for short periods only – a bit like an outlet store. April 12th – 14th saw Escada having a flash sale, at prices of up to 75% off.  This is better than Designers for Target!

Shoe brand Aldo and fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez are just two labels that have entered the eBay stable, with more labels being announced shortly.

On the Fashion eBay homepage there are snapshots of trends and must-haves, and tips from stylists. New arrivals are also highlighted.

Better search functions mean you can search by brand, style, size or trend, and find exactly what you want more quickly. Larger gallery style photographs help you see more clearly what you’re buying. And you’ll be able to find items “similar” to one you might be looking at which is sold out or not quite right.

Well, I can’t wait to see how this develops, though I think my bank balance may well suffer. I wonder whether there will be some interface with fashion bloggers? It seems a reasonable extension.

Certainly affiliate marketers have an opportunity here. You can sign up to the eBay Partner Network, place an ad for the flash sale (such as the Escada one just gone) on your blog, and watch the dollars roll in. Or cents, as the case may be.

Food for thought.


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