DIY post – Embellished Headband with EGL Crown motif

People always comment on my new crown headband from Omotesando Hills – and I always remember the day I bought it, as I ran into Adam Lambert shortly after!  The headband is from new store Miss Me   – see my next post for the lowdown. 

I thought I’d try my hand at making something similar – and on doing a video blogpost for the first time. Without further ado, here is my EGL Crown Embellished headband.

DIY embellished EGL crown headband

Hope you found it interesting (or at least skipped through the bits you didn’t need explained). As time-consuming as it was, it has now made me keen to do more (shorter) DIYs and other Vblog posts.

The videoblogs will become more polished and better edited, as I get more used to the editing software. It’s cool to learn new stuff though, and I want to learn more! More millinery ones in store, like DIY cocktail hats coming soon….

FYI, shortly after posting this, I learned of a blogger who is a graduate of St Martins, Little Fille, who is creating a different headband every day for 30 days. She’s currently on Day 15. See her “30 Days of Headbands” at her blog, or check out the little fille shop where she sells them.


  1. just watched the whole thing (without sound coz i'm at work and they don't trust my musical tastes to give me sound!!!)…looked good so i'll watch it on the train home tonight on my phone….thanks for this….i love this sort of thing!

  2. I love your Kremlin! You are a natural on camera. Can't wait to watch the next one!

  3. Thanks so much Cat! There's no music in it tho, just me babbling…And yes, more DIYs in store 🙂

    Siouxsie – heh, glad you found it amusing too 🙂 Thanks for the compliment – I did do some Television Presenting courses, but never had the guts to make a serious go of it. I will be content with the (very) small screen.

  4. AWESOME! I totally loved it and your hair is hypnotic 😀 I totally giggled when you brushed your hair through the marriage of editing 😉
    I thought it was very informative and you covered everything in detail which is great for tutorials like this. You were really engaging as a host and it felt like you were actually talking to me ^_^ I can't wait to see more! I totally want to make a gigantic hime style Kremlin!

  5. *Big grin* Thank you so much Vi – you are the queen (or princess) of DIY as far as I'm concerned, so I'm reeeally glad you liked it. I know I missed things and it needs work, but that'll come with practice.

    Thanks for your comments on my hosting too; it made me feel all warm n fuzzy 🙂

  6. it looks lovely!! I'm soo gonna try this ^^
    where did you found those embellishments?
    You did great! looking forward to more DIY posts ^^

  7. Just found your blog 🙂 This is great! I really hope I can get some of those square and circle embelishements here 🙂

  8. Hi Riechan and Helena!! *waves*
    I got them at Okadaya ( in Shinjuku, Tokyo. I'll have to look around to see where similar beads can be found online.

  9. Val – I'm also quite lazy, and only make the one of each. I should make more and sell them, but it's not my main job, and I like my time off 🙂