Designer steal – Lucette shoulder harness

It’s no secret that I love the new microtrend of shoulder harnesses. Remember this from the other week?

Well, I haven’t got the money for that one, and am still working out how to DIY it (I did try to echo the shape when I wore the ruffled collar over my big shouldered jacket last week).

HOWEVER, I did manage to grab an absolute STEAL when I was at the Fashion Weekend last night, at hot designer Lucette‘s stall.

Yep – THAT panelled shoulder harness with the chains hanging off, as seen in many Polyvore sets.

The shoulder harness WAS going for $350. What did I get it for? A measly $59!! I couldn’t believe my ears! You’d better believe I nabbed that baby. If you haven’t seen the harness in question, let me enlighten you.

Even allowing for the entry fee and taxi fare there and back, I’ve still saved money – so I’m chuffed! I was hoping to nab some Shakuhachi khaki cargo pants, but alas there were none. And while there were soo many stores to shop at, the effort of having to pick the item, get a receipt, go to one of the tills to pay, then going back to the store to pick up your goods, deterred me from buying anything else.
If you’re going this weekend, I’d advise not to go to the last catwalk show of the day, as I did last night. This is because the shops will be shutting when you get out, and the lines at the payment tills will be very long. Pay and pick up your purchases before the catwalk, is my advice.
Of course, the fun will be figuring out how to wear the harness now! Maybe with the Sass & Bide racer dress in the cool digi print, black rat leggings, studded cuff and shoes?
Be prepared for outfit posts to come, and a DIY harness that I have in progress…


  1. What a find! I can't wait to see your DIY version of the other one. I haven't been able to find anything remotely close.

  2. Acually, I'm not sure if I'll get close to that one, but I've seen some Sass & Bide ones that are easily diy'd. Just need some time to do it!

  3. ooh. i can't believe i'm forcing myself not to go for fashion weekend as a) sass & bide warehouse sale soon b) kinda broke! lol. these harnesses look wicked!