Deathrock Leopard look

When I was in Leipzig at WGT, I couldn’t help but notice the number fo fab looking deathrockers around. My favourite hairstyles on them were brightly coloured death hawks, with leopard print tattoos on the side of their heads that showed through the shaved sides. I myself am not brave enough for that hairstyle, but I did a faux-death-hawk….and added leopard print make-up instead!

First up, my day/early evening deathrock look, minus the leopard. I had black make-up around the eye itself, with  a veil of purple eyeshadow underneath the eye, below the highlighter on the browbone, and  underneath the cheekbone. My hair was loosely teased, and with a straightening iron I got my fringe into a quiff.  I didn’t wear false eyelashes or dark lippy.


For night-time clubbing I redid the black and purple shadow, threw on big false eyelashes with bobble ends top and bottom, and added some leopard spots. I drew c’s in black eyeliner, making sure to keep them at different angles and in different sizes. I filled the c’s in with silver highlighter pen, and drew little dots in between in black, as well as some other dots at the outer brow area, just for fun.

I then did my lips in standard old-school black (with a topcoat to seal the lippy), and pushed the teased hair back into more of a point behind my head, with slides at the side to keep it flat.

This side view shows the leopard and hairdo better, and at right is the full outfit.


I did the leopard spots several times while I was away, and it does get quicker as you gain confidence. Give it a try – it’s a cool look!


  1. Looooooooooooove the hair! I might have to try this some time soon.
    Can’t wait for my new eyeliner pens to come in the mail so I can try some neat designs like that leopard print.

  2. I love the leopard spots! Very cool idea! 🙂

    • Thanks! I did see a girl with similar make-up and decided I just had to give it a go. It’s a great look for a party, gig or club (obvs not just day wear!)

  3. That hairdo is ah-mazing. I love it. I wish I could get my hair to sit like that (I think it’s too heavy though).
    The leopard-print makeup is such a fantastic look. I’m in awe of your entire outfit.

    • Thanks so much! (Sorry, just saw this comment now). For the hair I used a product that stiffens the hair/adds body when heat is applied – I used a straightening iron. And of course, back-combed a lot! And masses of hairspray.

  4. Love the corset!! where id you find such a pretty?

  5. Absolutely LOVE your look! Such an inspiration!