Club Walpurgis – dark alternative Gothic night in Tokyo. Sisen, 13th Moon, Bella Lune.

Last Saturday night was Club Walpurgis, at Aoiheya in Shibuya.

It definitely had the character of a goth club back home – but it was much smaller. The music was authentically goth and deathrock (with a few exceptions with regards to other 80’s music), and while the decor was dark, the atmosphere was great. The main thing other than the music was the chance to catch up with the “Usual Suspects”.   

Such as Sisen (I don’t do V fingers for just anyone, you know).
Sisen is off back to the US in Aprl, then to Russia in May with the Tokyo Decadance crew – busy boy!
And the gorgeous Akie. Perhaps I’m wondering where I put my drink…
My lovely friend Naohira (yes, of 13th Moon)
And Michael, here with Akie and Sisen (yep, that’s an Angelspit shirt)
And I met new friends such as Setsura – she organises and performs at events such as the upcoming Komm Zu Mir, on April 17 – a Gothic/Fetish/Theatrical night with Buto.

There were also some members of US group Bella Lune, Fuchsia and Hurley, who were really nice, and who are playing at Midnight Mess this Saturday night.

I met quite a few new great people, but left my camera in the bag as the beers started flowing so have no new photos to regale you with this time. But the various peeps will be at Midnight Mess this Saturday night, I’m sure, as will my camera…