Circus Lolita

Hey, thanks for dropping by and again sorry for the lack of posts. I STILL don’t have internet at home except through my phone which is tedious and slow, and we still have to wait 2 weeks to get it connected. But enough grumbling.

I thought I could at least post a few pics each day from the Germany/UK holiday and WGT.  Here is an outfit from WGT that’s a bit “circus lolita” due to the mix of harlequin diamonds, spots and stripes in the outfit (those on twitter will have already seen it). 

Mini tophat: made by me
Harlequin corset: Dangerous Nude
White ruffled top: Bodyline
Striped jacket: Cue
ruffled skirt: Sheike
Diamond tights: Leg Avenue
Platform boots: Yosuke
Cross on chain: Studio Alta

So it was a largely Japanese outfit, in black, white and red, with pops of green in the wig and the eyeball hairclips (from Kreepsville, I think). I will be posting more regularly from now on….just no detailed analyses of japanese fashion trends just yet, that require lots of research (cos it would take me 6 hours instead of 2, such is the slowness of my net connection).  

I’ll also be pleased to show you my new house soon, once I get a bit more done to it decor and furniture wise.  Thanks for hanging in there, and more soon!


  1. You read my mind! I’ve got a circus-themed outfit all planned to wear on the weekend. It’s in a slightly different vein to yours though, with less eyeballs.
    I adore that mini tophat! Well done for making it yourself. The corset is incredible also.

    • ooh! Can’t wait to see it – make sure you get good pics, I wanna check them out 🙂 Is it a special occasion or party you’re wearing your outfit to? And thank you!

  2. Oh my word, those boots are to die for!

  3. Fabulous as always!

    Looking forward to your triumphant return to blogging – we’ve missed you 😉

  4. LUV!! The eye barrettes LUVERLY!! You are spectacular!

  5. Love love love everything about this. It all works. I especially love the sleeves under the jacket. Those are fabulous. And the skirt is wonderful.

    • Thank you so much!! The little stripey cuffs are actually just separate items, cuffs that tie up with lace around the wrist. From an aussie goth designer…I’ll have to look up who it was, as I can’t quite recall just now….

  6. Love the outfit. Circus Lolita- love it!