Naoto News!

There are so many exciting events coming up shortly in the gothic fashion and music stakes, which I’ll be posting about in the next week. Some of them are in Tokyo and I’m getting VERY excited now, as I leave for o/s again on the 14th – a week Monday!! After 3 days in Seoul, South Korea, I head once again to Tokyo, which leads me back to the topic at hand.

Today I want to focus on fave Japanese gothic designer, Hirooka Naoto.

March 19h.NAOTO Frill Collection 2011

To display his latest “Sweet Frills” range, Naoto is throwing a Lolita Sweets Party! (And it’s when I’m there, muahahaha…) Gothic Lolita celebrity Aoki Misako (world ambassador for “Cute”) will be there, having returned from her jaunts round the world (read more at her website):

Naoto Creative Designer Hiroshi Oka will also be there, as well as other guests, photo sessions, and from what I can make out, a Best Co-ordinate Competition. Oh, and of course, delicious sweet cakes and tea, all in a genteel atmosphere. So Tokyo lolitas have a wonderful excuse to dress up and come along! I think I *might* just get to this for the photo opportunities, even though I myself am not at all into the sweet side of things.

  • DATE / March 19 (Sat)
  • OPEN: 15:00 START: 16:00
  • PLACE / h.NAOTO + Harajuku
  • Tickets dealer / h.NAOTO + Harajuku, Laforet Harajuku, Shinjuku Marui * Tickets are 1,575 yen (tax included) 
  • Contact / h, NAOTO + Harajuku (03-3478-6454)


Fashion show of brand new collections, set in a party atmosphere with food and drinks

  • DATE: March 26 (Sat)
  • OPEN: 18:00 START: 19:00
  • Contact: 03-5766-3910

There are soo many upcoming Naoto events – check this page for what’s happening in the next few months. One I definitely want to check out is the exhibition in Marui One from March 24-30:

h.Anarchy Army Collection

ANARCHY will present a punk rock and “ARMY” theme.  Expect wild and powerful camouflage fabrics in military designs. 

  • DATE:  March 24 (Thu) ~ 30 (Wed) 
  • PLACE: h.NAOTO store, Marui Shinjuku
  • Contact:  h.NAOTO + store (03-3478-6454) , h.NAOTO Marui Shinjuku (03-3358-1889)

    Pet cat 101 MINT SHOP 

    This is a pop-up store in Marui One, on the 2nd floor from 5 – 23 March, featuring the popular Sixh offshoot brand, “MINT Cats” . To commemorate this, the character “Sakurako” T-shirt has been designed, and  the first 50 people who spend over 5,250 yen,  will win a “Sakurako” badge.  See the t-shirt and badge below.


    Naoto has also released new items on the website for March 2011 from h.ANARCHY, Blood, and H.JELLY, Gramm, Frill,Sixh, Hangry & Angry, and Gouk.

    Just last week on Feb 26th, the Sixh 2011 Summer Collection was unveiled at Naoto HQ in Harajuku. This time there was definitely a rock and quirky/indie vibe happening, and far from being all-black, there was blue and purple in the designs, and even plaid! 




    Of course you want to check out the runway show, I’m sure:

    Fans will recognise IBI, Mint and Gashicon from Sixh the band – who will all be attending the Anime Matsuri convention March 18-20 in Texas, along with La Carmina! See her post on Anime Matsuri here for more details. And…the band itself will be playing only a day later, back in Tokyo, on the 21st of March!

    Sixh. Night Vol 3 in Ikebukuro BlackHole

    Of course it will be an event fusing fashion and music. Sixh is joined by God Circus Dog


    Sixh. Live sponsored project

    • DATE: March 21 (Mon)
    • PLACE: Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE
    • Doors open 18:00 for 18:30 start
    • Advance ticket 3,000 yen / 3,500 yen

    That’s another one to try to get to…but there’s so much else on!

    So that’s a whole lotta Naoto love for now; hope you enjoyed 🙂 Other posts you might like: Naoto at Japan Fashion Week, Naoto fukubukuro day and h.Naoto gothic lolita fashion designer extraordinaire.

    Chrisst Complex – sample sale Feb 9th

    It’s definitely time to turn my attention back to some alternative designers…and aussie ones, while I’m at it!!

    Andy Chrisst of  ChrisstComplex has a dark, glamorous aesthetic, and has been retailing out of House of Fetish on Oxford Street for some years now, as well as his own studio.

    He has been involved in numerous fashion events in Sydney, had his creations featured in Tangent Mag, and consistently comes up with edgy yet wearable garments for the adventurous.

    On Wednesday 9th February, look out for his giant SUMMER FASHION SAMPLE SALE – of labels Chrisst, 2040  and Glamordeath –  at 419 Parramatta Rd Leichhardt.

    Chrisst and Glamordeath offer dark alternative looks, such as pvc catsuits, slinky dresses, collars, pointy shouldered jackets and more, while 2040 focuses on sexy, glam resort looks such as sequinned tops and summer dresses, bikinis, kaftans and bodysuits.

    I’m in love with quite a few of his current creations, and so share them here with you:

    Deluxe Zipper Dress


    Jacket with Loop Top Sleeves


    PVC Motocross Catsuit


    Velvet Long Sleeved Catsuit or bodysuit


    While some gothic brands can look a little old-fashioned, Chrisst’s designs are always edgy, and are such that the pieces can be worked into non-gothic wardrobes – as  various magazine fashion stylists have found.  Below are several Tangent Mag shoots utilising his fashion, first as worn by Tammy Stone, and the other by Camille Yi:

    For some eye-popping colour, here are some Glamordeath pieces:


    and there are definitely cool threads for guys as well…(yep, that’s the man himself to the right…)


    For summery goodness, have a peek at some 2040 fashion:


    and as seen on the rack at The Salon:


    If you can’t get to the sale (as I cannot), then pay a visit to his studio at Crystal Street Petersham (call 02 956966354), or check out House of Fetish, the Chrisst Complex online store or Andy’s  facebook page.


    HOUSE OF FETISH – 93 Oxford St Darlinghurst Sydney
    THE SECRET WARDROBE – Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt (2040fashion)

    Beserk Tights!

    I just discovered another of my fave aussie alternative labels, Beserk Clothing, has now started a range of very creative tights!

    I know you love tights and leggings as much as me, so here’s a peek.

    1. Tera Angel

    In this, Fleur’s first design, the wing of the Angel wraps around the back of the leg:


    2. Dreaming Desire

    These tights have a very Japanese-inspired manga girl with her hair flowing around the legs:


    3. Diamond Heist

    These tights have an all over diamond pattern – not just a diamond pattern, but a 3 dimensional rendering of a diamond gem:


    In classic black and white with a touch of red, these are sure to go with so many rockin’ outfits you might be planning. (Oh, and Beserk also stocks some Black Milk tights! James is a fellow Brisbane designer)

    Beserk has a great range of clothing in graphic designs, from dresses to singlets to shorts to skirts to armwarmers…really, you must check out the Beserk store!



    There are even armwarmers to co-ordinate your outfit, in Sakura/Cherry Blossom print, skull print, and military chevrons.


    If you like what you see, I’ll leave it to you to peruse further.  For more reading, I’ve previously mentioned Beserk in my Under the Blue Moon Festival post, and my Sunday Links post here.

    12th Japan Fashion Week Designers announced

    Late last week the participants in the 12th Japan Fashion Week were announced, and I’m excited to see gothic and gyaru brands up there amongst the other designers. (See my post on the highlights of SS 2010 Japan Fashion Week here). What are some of the brands we can look forward to seeing, at least in association with JFW?

    h. NAOTO

    I’m so pleased that h. Naoto is back! (See my post on Naoto’s Goth night & collection last August)  His various labels are favourites of mine owing to the gothic aesthetic, but I feel he really pushes the envelope when he has a collection to present as part of JFW. Likewise, his catwalk shows are dark & moody, with a mysterious vibe that casts a spell over the viewer.  I already own a lot of his clothing, and am keen to grab some from the newest collection too.


    Gyaru brands Vanquish and Liz Lisa will also show.


    This label definitely has glamorous classics that I (and many others) love to wear. But as it is a ‘high street’ type brand, will  it hold its own amongst the other designers?  I think the styling will be what lifts the brand above what you see in the catalogues 🙂


    Liz Lisa

    Overall it’s a bit pretty-pretty for me so far, and I wasn’t fond of the pink/brown colour scheme of the last season, but we’ll see what 2011 AW holds.  LL is certainly a huge fave amongst gals, and yet despite being a “popular” brand, is appearing at Fashion Week. Here’s a few shots from the 2011 Spring/Summer show.


    Of the non-brand designers, the ones I’m most excited to see are:

    Han Ahn Soon

    There was a definite baltic folkloric element to the last collection, partly in line with the Russian princess trend, and possibly also the influence of Dolly Kei? Whatever the origin, I’m intrigued by the layering, the ethnic opulence, the luxurious wearability of Soon’s pieces, and am keen to see more.


    Reem Alasadi

    I wrote about eco designer Reem Alasadi last February; having seen her work up close I’m impressed with the amount texture she plays with and presents in her work. As I wrote then: “Fabrics of all types, including vintage lace and fur, had been recycled, ruffled, pleated, torn, sequinned, dyed and re-made into couture pieces such as voluminous skirts, exquisite Victorian jackets and multi-layered tops. There are punk, Victorian, vintage and eco elements to her work that I really enjoy”.  Here are some images from her last JFW catwalk:  


    Motonari Ono

    I’ve also written about Ono before, in my JFW 2010 SS post

    See more from Ono here, the UK online shop, or the online Japanese Motonari Ono shop here.

    I will talk about some of the others shortly, including G.V.G.V, Theatre Products and FurFur; if you want to see the full list of designers, here are the brands for the 2011-2012 A/W Collection

    Which ones would you most like to see?

    Minkpink & Evil Twin sample sale

    There’s a couple of aussie brands I’ve seen popping up everywhere in the Japanese magazines Vivi andGlamorous – 


    Well, they just so happen to be having a sale, beginning at 7.30am Friday if you’re up in time….

    Other labels in the sale are The Lost Girls, Staple, Somedays Lovin, and MinkPink Swim.

    I love many of the current looks for summer festival wear especially. How about these fun shimmy-shimmy Wild West fringe shorts? Or the khaki “This Is a Drill” pant?


    Someday’s Lovin “Rumours” cutout dress is chic for summer, perhaps paired with Staple’s garden print Kimono cape (and killer wedges, not flats!):


    At 80% off retail, there’s bound to be some affordable and oh-so-stylish samples to nab yourself. GET ON IT, Sydneysiders!!

    (Oh, and for others who can’t get to it and want to shop the brands, check out Market HQ).