Black Cherry clubbers Day of the Dead style

I promised more photos from the night, so here they are! Boy there were some stunning girls there…and guys as well 🙂

I’ve just put some in the gallery for you to peruse…click on the one/s you like to see larger.


Darned pesky head kept drinking my beer on the sly via the straw!

Seriously, if you’re ever in Sydney and see Black Cherry advertised, head on in – it’s a fun time with lots of different music, bands, burlesque, punk karaoke, aerial work, comedy and more…

Dia de los Muertos make-up for Black Cherry club

Day of the Dead – or Dia de los muertos, has been celebrated for over 3000 years by the indigenous people of Mexico and Central America. An Aztec ritual that has since merged with Catholic practices, DOTD honours the dead, and in particular, family members who have passed. 

Dia de los Muertos art is meant to show the duality of life, which can only exist surrounded by death. The artwork is meant to reflect this and make death a part of life, to be accepted and acknowledged instead of feared.  Hence the bright colours and celebratory air.  The only thing it has in common with western halloween really, is the use of skulls. 

And so, I was excited to have a theme to dress up to when Black Cherry came around last week.

I was also lucky to have bought an amazing DOTD necklace when I was at Nude n’ Rude in Koenji, Tokyo recently. It’s still available too! It’s called the Too Fast Sugar Skull necklace, and costs 3,500 yen, or get a similar one from Too Fast online.  I copied my design from that.

Instead of using white face-paint, which not only is very hard to use and get even, but looks super over the top, I went for a more subtle approach. I used my Shiseido green corrector stick, which is a pale green base stick which corrects reddish pigment in the skin. It goes on smoothly and the colour can be built up. It doesn’t set like liquid foundation, however, so I set it with pale face powder, and commenced the rest of the design.

Dia de los muertos design usually uses symbols from cards, such as a club, diamond, heart or spade. I used a heart on my forehead in red, a diamond on the bridge of my nose, and a club on my chin (using black pencil and eyeliner).

Usually the design also features black eyes and nose with little red gems or dots around them. I simplified and just did a smoky eye.  In deference to the skeleton theme, I created dark contours on my cheekbones with a matte gray/black eyeshadow.

The big standout I guess, is the lips. Instead of doing a full set of teeth (which does look very effective), I instead went for a puckered look. I drew vertical lines on upper and lower lips with a sharpened pencil, and then traced over with waterproof liquid eyeliner. On the inside of the lips, I joined up the lines in a “U” shape with black pencil for a more realistic effect. Then I added to this by using a white pencil to highlight the centre of each “U”, again for a more 3D effect.

I did also incorporate the spiderweb design often used in DOTD art, doing it in blue on my temples  and forehead – but the wig covered it up! Oh wells…. I grabbed a little fascinator on a headband that I had and sewed a plastic skull-face on it (having split the skull so it was flat-backed first).  I also added spooky eyeball hairclips I bought from Bexterity at the Rock n Roll Markets a few weeks back.  

Since flowers and wreaths also feature heavily on DOTD design, I grabbed a red  floral lei and mucked about with it for this photo:

And now for the rest of the outfit! I decided to wear a big circle skirt, since Black Cherry is quite rockabilly and vintage in theme. A riot of colour and pattern was also necessary for true mexican flavour, hence this floral art nouveau design.  A big pouffy petticoat underneath really made the skirt stand out and “swish” in a satisfying fashion.

Ribcage Corset – Louise Black
Pink tank-top & black halter top – owned for years
Skirt – bought in Suva, Fiji (on the day of the coup!)
Black petti/tutu – eBay
Striped gloves with skulls – i-socks, KL

I hope that has inspired you to try the look for a party, or even for Halloween coming up. It’s festive and spooky, all at the same time! For photos of the fabulous patrons of Black Cherry club that night, stay tuned….

Black Cherry Club October 2

Sorry for the lack of posting chickadees, but I’ve been doing lots of overtime shifts at work, which leave no time for posting.

I did want to alert any Sydney readers to THIS:

Yep – Black Cherry is on TONIGHT! Regular readers will know I love this club, and love how people get dressed up for it.

Well, tonight is a Day of the Dead theme…so even MORE excuse!  I have a great necklace with a DOTD motif of skull & roses…just gotta build on that now. I’ll probably wear the red wig with leopard print, and maybe do Victory rolls. Possibly I’ll even do the whole skeleton make-up thing.

But before that, I have an engagement party today in Sydney’s lovely Botanic Gardens, so I’ll be off to get ready for that. Be assured,  there’ll be lots of event pics coming up of guys and gals looking dashing. Bye for now!!

Seileen Night at the Decadance Bar (again)

After a few Aussie posts, I think we’re well overdue for some more eyecandy from Tokyo, neh?

I did already post about the Decadance Bar and my first Saturday night there for Seileen. However, my friend Tsuya has posted some great photos that I wanted to share with you all.

Like this one of Tim and Tim. These guys were in Tokyo doing a travel doco, and had just been to an Anime Convention that day with La Carmina, hence their get-up. They were filming again that night.

I think I got filmed as I was talking to Jab (with the black sclera lenses), but we’ll just have to watch the show when it comes out.

Kengo, below, was an amazing bartender and party animal, while Sisen is also consistently interesting to watch.


There were some lovely girls in attendance too, with Mori and Dolly Kei influences on one hand,

and Fairy Kei on the other



And a couple of other interesting bods, Tara with her fangs out, and Jab looking confused:


Less interestingly, there was me, seen here with Tsuya


La Carmina and Lauren looking naughty – you may have seen them on another famous blog, heh!

OK so it’s just more party pictures – but they’re so purdy!

Sydney Steampunk Symposium

Yesterday was a big day for the Sydney Fringe Festival – and for Steampunk!!

I attended the Steampunk Symposium at the Enmore Theatre (conveniently located 10 minutes walk from my house) and had a most splendid time!! I was quite astonished at the amount of effort patrons went to, both in their attire and their inventions and displays.  Firstly, my own attire – I went more as a steamship tinkerer or traveller, rather than as an elegant steam lady.

And now for my esteemed fellow steampunkers, whom I met on the street before I got to the theatre:

There were airship pirates and adventurers with steam-powered jetpacks


Sorry this one is blurred but they had GREAT costumes:


There were lovely ladies


Dashing steam dandies


There were lots of fascinating stands with artefacts and items for sale:

There was even a Steampunk R2D2 and radiogram!


There was also entertainment in the form of song, mime, burlesque, globe sorcering and more…

Or one could just wander around and take photos with the steam contraptions.

And that was merely the START of my night, as after this I went home and changed into gothy lolita gear for alternative fashion show Lunarmorph. Coming up next!