Banana Fish “Dark Forest” dress; Shibuya Christon Cafe.

Here’s the great dress I bought in Banana Fish yesterday. I wore it out last night with my Black Milk skeleton leggings for drinks with Ivan, then with my Cue studded leggings and striped jacket today for shopping/exploring Shibuya with photographer friend Valerie.

See the little bats, and the branches-come-stag antlers? And the chains below the oval frame?


And now I move the camera a wee bit, you can see the lolita crown as well. In other details, there’s a fleur-de-lys emblem within the oval, and upper left (you can’t really see it), one of the bats makes off with a diamond ring. One shoulder has a studded strap as well. It’s just quirky.
This is just to show the pointed hem…and leggings!
I will do a post shortly on the great finds Val and I came across today – beautifully decorated vintage shops – but for now I’ll leave you with a shot of the Shibuya Christon Cafe where we ate dinner. There’s a great white lounge area with gorgeous chandeliers and stucco textured walls, and far from being monastic in tone, it seems the epitome of cool.


  1. That dress is so cool! I love all the little details, the bat making off with the ring is adorable! I can't wait to see the photos from Grimoire!

  2. Thank you Vi! I saw some princessy types today, but I think they were lolitas 🙂 Waiting for my friend valerie to send me the photos she took – but I will defo do a post on the lovely shops.

  3. Great photos! I love the black and white striped jacket paired with the skeleton leggings!

  4. WOW awesome picks, I love your outfits, I also like the striped jacket in your last photo <3