Back in Tokyo!

I am in Shinjuku now and it’s soooo exciting!

The descent into Tokyo yesterday was my best one ever! I was gazing at the ocean, and then saw my first piece of coast, and then out of the corner of my eye saw something else.

Looking down on the city like a conical angel was Mount Fuji. It was so spectacular and unexpected, I literally gasped. At first I thought it couldn’t be – but it was!! It was a stunningly beautiful sight. On one side were fluffy bunny grey clouds, with the sun just peeking through, painting the edges luminous silver-white. Below was that glorious mango colour of approaching sunset. And for a full 5 minutes, there was Mount Fuji, wreathed in cloud like a great lady in her best pearls.

Sublime feelings of hope and joy and thankfulness suffused me, made my chest swell almost to bursting. Ahh!!

I love moments like this, when the beauty of the world overwhelms you. It’s why I travel.