Back In Green – quirky gothic outfit & circle lens post

Just a quickie today as I’m off to the alternative designers market Worn Wild Sydney.

With my hair and make-up being purple, I decided to throw some green into the mix for a pop of contrast. I guess it’s quirky gothic lolita, with a touch of the Gwen Stefani. I also threw on some green tights in zebra print, and my spiky platform wedges.

Lime green houndstooth bolero jacket – House of Fetish, designer Andru Chrisst*
PVC Victorian puff sleeve blouse – Artifice Clothing
Green leopard bow with cameo and beads – one off from DestroyX (see more pics here)
Black brocade corset – Gallery Serpentine
Black gauzy layered skirt with pearls – Banana Fish (sadly, no more)
*Andru is going to be at Worn Wild today*
Of course I had to co-ordinate with green lenses, and added false lashes top and bottom.
Lenses – Green DollyEye Korean circle lenses
Top lashes – StarLash (from Japan, but Korean made)
Bottom Lashes – Shu Uemura (black mini crystal)
Eyeshadows – purple from Manic Panic and LimeCrime
Purple Lipstick – Australis Moisture Max in Xpose 71212
(it looks a bit burgundy above, but trust me, it’s a pure purple)


  1. Oh the bottom lashes look great on you! I always want to try bottom ones but every time I do I end up looking like a hooker >_< Love the green and purple!

  2. I love the whole look. And I agree about the bottom lashes. They look great on you.

  3. Thanks Violet and Siouxsie!!

    I actually turned the Shu Uemura lashes around – as they were normal top lashes to start with – and then used them on the bottom, so they curve outward like normal lashes.

    Violet – see, I wear bows sometimes 🙂 and I liked it even before I knew it'd been made by Amelia Arsenic. As for lashes…I tend to use half lashes as I can't get the full ones to curve right.

  4. The green on black is actually a cool for you.

  5. Oh, thanks!!