Autumn Sale at Rakuten

For those who love Japanese fashion, Rakuten is a godsend – and it’s having a sale now, until 12th November!

Here’s the page on how to shop at Rakuten, before you start worrying 🙂

Now to get to some of the goodies I’ve seen! I’ll start with faves from Yosuke USA – why not stock up on boots:

These platform boots are available in sizes up to 24cm, for 9,240 yen or AU$109

Or these red, black or red & black platform boots, for 6,400 yen or AU$79.36

There are also these cute suede and fake fur princess boots at 8,800 yen or AU$109.12

If military boots are more your thing:

There are these Fox Fur charms going for 2,100 yen, or around AU $26:

Although not a gyaru per se, I do find myself liking a lot of the fashion, and this range which is a collaboration of Galstar and Shizuka Takeda has me intrigued.

There are these pants from Galstar, ridiculous at only $23.51

or these Galstar lace effect leggings for $19.96

or striped leggings for the same price

The Galstar section has all the key gal trends represented: military, nordic, fur, leopard and animal print, native pattern and more.

Oh, and there’s the new Jiggy collection of must have ankle boots, only 2,490 yen

Or the buckled open toed Venti Anni boots featured in the May issue of Scawaii – at 1, 895 yen or $23.50

Whether gothic, lolita, princess, gyaru or whatever is your preferred japanese fashion style, you’ll find something you want for sale now, and for great prices! (Not trying to entice/bankrupt you, mind; just sayin’)


  1. I love those b/w leggings! If only it were tights!

  2. oooooh I love those princess boots! too bad my size is sold …

  3. Cannot… resist….

    must….. BUY! 😀