Alternative Vintage Hair & Mexican Boy Beaters

I haven’t posted many pics of myself in recent months, but thought it might be fun to show some of my semi-vintage hair looks. I say semi, as I think the blue  coloured hair and weird lenses give the looks an alternative edge. In one, I have victory rolls, in another, a rolled fringe (which I achieved by rolling around a synthetic hair dreadlock).  These are both cab-cam pics, as often I only have time to snatch snaps on the way to events:

Vintage hair look, victory rolls in blue hair rolled fringe on blue hair

I’m the first to admit the fringes are a bit messy, not least because it’s often so hot and steamy in Sydney (and I’m often running late)!  But I will be trying these techniques again when I have more time. I did buy a hair rat when I was in japan once, but have mislaid it, so it’s definitely time to buy a few more to enable me to do all manner of vintage hairdo’s more successfully.

As it was so hot on Saturday night and I was seeing legendary German psychobilly band “Mad Sin”, I just wore a psychobilly tank top, my beloved bones necklace and some bone hairclips (oh, with the odd eyeball thrown in there).  Blue leopard lenses, eyeshadow from Maybelline’s new “Hyper Diamonds” pallette and big Japanese fake lashes completed the look.

The fab tank you can’t see very well here is from Hellwear in Camden Markets, and it is the Darkside Mexican Boy beater (as they call it) that I chose:

Darkside mexican tank

See more of the goth, monster and horrorpunk ‘beaters at Hellwear’s site, or at Darkside’s site.  And do try an alternative vintage look in your hair some time!


  1. I love the victory rolls and bangs of the curly style! I use to do that style before I shaved one side. Your eyes and make-up look beautiful as well.
    It’s good to see your face again! 🙂

    • It’s nice to be back 🙂 Wow, you got shaved on one side? The one time I got a bit shaved, I then didn’t have enough hair and it looked really odd. Must check out your photos to see how it looks on you! It looks great in your icon 🙂

  2. You look TOTALLY CUTE in the Mad Sin Show pix! I’d love to see the whole outfit – i bet the shoes were FAB!

    • Heh, yeah I forgot the bottom half of the outfit!! I had green leopard leggings and a black skirt with green pelvis bones on it (I’m sure you know the Kreepsville one!) I actually wore these old platform ankle boots I’d had for aeons…nothing spectacular.