After Tokyo Dark Castle

Another post from March 09 – after pulling an all-nighter at Tokyo Dark Castle, I stumble into the light and interview people…

Bear in mind we’ve been drinking for 6 or 7 hours, and it’s 6am. So we’re drunk and silly 🙂 I’m with Utarou and Miki from Baal, Nao – singer from deathrock band 13th Moon, Sisen, assorted TDC regulars and Chihiro in the background.

Miki has a touching message at the end for Dom, Karl & Amelia, saying “we need you back in Japan”. Aww…

After Tokyo Dark Castle,t=1,mt=video
trashtastika | MySpace Video

If that doesn’t work on your pc, here’s the link:
Chatting with Nao & Sisen after Tokyo Dark Castle

And here’s the link to the Harajuku one, where we walk down Takeshita Street and meet Sisen at Takuya Angel.

trashtastika | MySpace Video


  1. oh man this takes me back…I loved TDC when I lived in Tokyo, and had many early morning breakfasts at fast food joints, dressed to the nines after clubbing all night! I even recognize some of the faces in your last few posts, and have pictures of myself with them! What a crazy period of my life that was!

  2. That's awesome!! How long were you there for? And did you journal/blog about your time there, with pics? I'd love to see/read!