TFT is about choosing adventure in life, seeking out experiences, finding edgy fashion, enjoying the novel and the weird, the dark and the shiny. I encourage my readers to ‘break out of the box’ and be adventurous, whether in their appearance, approach to life, travels, music…whatever.

A confirmed traveller from way back,  I started going to India more than 20 years ago, and have since seen a lot more of Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, as well as the UK and Ireland, Fiji,  New Zealand and lots of Australia. 

2 years ago I first visited Japan and became besotted, and I now travel there twice a year to keep up with the culture, fashion (especially gothic), music, clubs and friends. I also get to several other countries for short trips each year, always on the lookout for great food, fashion and nightlife. However, Japan remains a focus for me, and I always keep up with what’s happening there in the gothic and punk scene, whether fashion, music or clubs, and this is reflected in the blog.

Alternative Fashion
Always a lover of alternative music, I became more active in the gothic and alternative scene in Sydney from 2003, and fell completely in love with alternative and gothic clothing – the corsets, platform shoes and boots, creative make-up and hair. I started dressing up a lot for clubs and began to be noticed for my fashion sense. This led to me becoming Fashion Director of Australian dark alternative magazine Fiend for several years, styling shoots and writing the fashion articles. 

Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for exciting but wearable alternative fashion, and in this blog, share my findings with you. Whether it’s bringing you the hottest alternative designers and stores, inspirations from couture, my own take on style in my outfit posts, or club and street fashion, I strive to share what’s exciting in the world of fashion today.

DIY & Craft
I’m also a bit of a crafty lady (and have studied millinery for 2 years) – so I love to do DIY articles and tutorials to help others “get the look”. I try to do at least one each month, and hopefully more! Check out the DIY tab to see what I’ve done so far. I love getting in front of the camera, having been a past performer and studied TV presenting, so expect more V-logging in the future!

Music & Nightlife
My other love is music, live gigs and clubs – I go out a lot! I share the exciting events I know about (and hopefully am attending), whether here in Australia, overseas in Tokyo, or other places I visit. I especially like to see what the goth scene is like in other parts of the world, in traditionally non-alternative countries (like Singapore, eg).

Having travelled throughout Asia, my thirst is still not quenched and I head overseas at least three times a year on expeditions for great fashion, bars, cultural experiences and new friends. Here I chronicle my journey and the gems I find along the way. Come along for the ride!