A Teased Quiff, Vintage Hairstyle and Cyberlox

Just a quickie today to show I practise what I preach in terms of backcombing/teasing (ie the tute from yesterday). Here’s some recent pics from a night out when I rocked a big quiff, and show a few of my friends who also have fab hair.

This is my friend and hairdresser Melissa of Doppelganger hair in Enmore – she rocks the vintage look! I really must try this one day…

Ok this one’s a wig

Doug or DJ Voodoo as he’s known, is wearing Cyberlox falls here. I used to have them braided in about 5 or 6 years ago…and should really dig out the pics. But I’m not really cybergoth these days. However, there are many who are 🙂

FYI, my blue leopard corset is from Gallery Serpentine, also in Enmore.