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17mm super big Barbie Korean Circle Lenses — thefashionatetraveller.com

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17mm super big Barbie Korean Circle Lenses

Yesterday my new circle lenses arrived from Circlelens.net. Not only are they larger than ever before, they come in different designs…and still in my prescription!

When I opened the box, I couldn’t believe how cute the packaging was – each order came in a little cute animal or character.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the little critters. Each came with a little spoon like object that you use to put the contacts into your eyes, and also tweezers to get the lenses out of the bottle or case when needed, without having to touch the lens with your fingers. There’s a little lid on each head that pops up to reveal the bottles of lenses inside. Daww…cute! 

You could, alternatively, pull the head off to get at the precious contents inside. Also, the ears come off and become contact lens cases – awesome idea!

Onto the lenses themselves. I got 2 different designs – the Barbie Eye Diamond, and the Lacie, both in blue. According to the bottle, the lenses are 17.5mm.


Here’s how they look in lens cases

What’s the first thing you notice? Well, apart from the designs, the fact that the blue is hardly blue at all. Not like the pictures above , which were taken from the Circle Lens website.

Well, let’s see how they look IN the eye, eh? Firstly the diamond compared to my natural eye.

Then as compared to one of the smaller lenses I have, my fave G&G BT in aqua:

without flash

You can see that yes, it does take up more eye space, and leaves less white of the eye. But man, it looks a bit weird. Here’s the pair in together.

OK, let’s put make-up on so the eyes don’t look quite so scary:

and here’s the Lacies in – they are a very pretty crisscross pattern, almost like a Moroccan or Moorish design.

I think you can see which ones I preferred. The Lacies have a pretty lacy pattern which is far less freaky looking than the Diamond (although freaky could be good at Halloween or in some goth clubs). Since I was going out to dinner with friends, I stuck with the lacies.


Packaging – 9/10
Super kawaii, and super useful

Colour – 5/10
More a pale grey-blue than a vivid blue

Enlargement – 8/10
While they were bigger than my usual ones, they are not noticeably bigger when you see them from afar.

Design – Lacies 9/10, Diamond 7/10
While the diamond was an interesting pattern I wanted to try, I’m not that fond of it when actually worn. It could be good with a space age costume.

Comfort – 8/10
I had no problems with them at all and wore them for about 6 hours. Not as comfortable as uber thin disposable dailies, but fine compared to other circle lenses.

Other comments – I wish the design went further in, towards the pupil, as my own eye colour shows through between the pupil and the design, especially in bright light or a flash, when the pupil contracts. All of them seem to be like this though.

I also got the diamond just in black, and the lacie in violet – will show you these soon. I need to try some of the other designs, I think, such as the Queenie 3T or the Mimo diamond. Since I like lots of colour, my faves will be the ones that are most vivid.

Your thoughts?


  1. These are fantastic! The lace pair are quite subtle but still really dramatic. It would be cool if they were a clearer blue though.

  2. I’ve never seen anything like these! How beautiful and what crazy packaging!

    • Hehe, yes I had to chuckle when I opened the box. Mind you, I don’t need more “stuff” – perhaps I’ll find a friend with kids to give them too?

  3. Awesome pattern on the contacts! The look gorgeous!

  4. lovely contact casings..:) and i like your contacts too…

  5. Wow, awesome lenses and even more awesome packaging! 🙂

  6. Agh, your makeup is way too light for your skin, it makes you look super waxy and ages you so much!

    • Thanks for your advice…but my skin really is that light!! It’s just that I have red veins also, so I have to have quite thick coverage to mask them. Also, it isn’t really the make-up that ages me…I am old! I am 46 hon…and the angle of the last one just isn’t flattering, and I haven’t photoshopped it at all.

      IMHO too many people (caucasians anyway) use fake tanner these days and it gives a skewed idea of what colour skin really is. I honestly think pale natural skin often looks better. If I wear darker foundation I look orange and older, believe me!

  7. Hi~~
    I would like to know, is this packaging same for all Lenses ? Because i have Dark eyes so if i buy these lenses it will look black XD
    I actually wear Angel Green lenses but it’s too small : 14mm

    Anyway , it looks pretty on you ^_^
    Is your red hair a wig ? If no , you should dying in Brown light color . It will look prettier =) ’cause now , it’s kinda scary ><
    And i agree with Ayana , you should do UV .

    Have a good day ~~

    • Hi ParkSuzi – there are a few different characters, so each set of lenses you order will come in one of the characters as packaging. As to the colour, I do think these lenses will look better on dark eyes, as there won’t then be the pastel ring I get from my pale green eyes next to the dark pupil.

      My hair is red…and I like it that way!! I’ve had light and dark brown hair before, and it’s ok but it’s kinda boring. I like colour, and so change my hair colour quite a lot. What does “do UV” mean? I don’t understand, sorry. I do need to get rid of the red veins in my face by laser therapy at some point…and then I can get away with using less foundation to cover the redness up. But not sure if this is what you mean? Anyway, thanks for your thoughts 🙂

  8. So love the packaging~~~~~
    but i cant even buy cause i stay in Malaysia…its too expensive for me…
    Wonder can you give it too me?? XDD If you don’t want… So love the Cow design=D
    nah… im just joking…

    I always wear the simple design contact lens, it would be looking like a vampire if i wear like yours..
    The lens suites you=D
    Love your webside~~~

  9. Hi, (those look amazing on you, by the way) could you send me a link? I’ve looked through the website and can’t seem to find the lacie design.

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