100 Followers of The Fashionate Traveller

Aww…I got to 100 followers on my blogger blog – thank you, guys who’ve followed me from there!!!

Of course that means I’ll be commencing my giveaway in just a few days..so stay tuned!

There are a lot more posts on my recent Japanese trip coming up, but today I just wanted to share this lovely turquoise felt hat I bought recently and have been wearing while the weather is still cool. It’s got a bit of a vintage feel, and should work well with some dolly kei outfits I’ve got coming up….

Fantastic for when your hair needs a wash or if you have dark roots growing as, as I often do 🙂
Do you wear hats much? Ever?


  1. Nice hat! I love little cloche hats like that. Darling!
    OT (well, not entirely, since you mention your Japan trip), but I found this in case you hadn’t seen it yet:
    Way to be famous, eh? XD

    • Thanks so much hon! I interviewed her 2 weeks ago and need to crack on and get the results finished and published 🙂 Hehe, yeah I was pretty chuffed to be there and take pics against that famous sky background.


    Wish I had 100 followers <3

    I wear hats somtimes, I just got a strawberry (yes, a strawberry) beret XD

  3. Super love on the hat! I’ve always wanted a red one like that 😀 I can’t wait to see the rest of your trip photos and congrats on 100 followers!! You know how much I <3 what you're doing here!