Wild Mood Swings in Hell

Had a blinding night at Wild Mood Swings last night – well, not literally – I wasn’t drinking absinthe! WMS is a free DJ night run by Gaijin Tonic, Craig of Tokyo Gig Guide and others, and last night was the first. It was held in Hells Bar in Sangenjaya, conveniently close to Shibuya, where I’m currently staying.

I walked in absolutely on my jacks, knowing no-one, and walked out having talked to a dozen people both western and Japanese. I initially planned to only stay til 2am or so, but it got to 6am before I hit the road; I was just enjoying myself so much.

There were some really good talks thrown in there (thank you Kif and Mark), some hilarious ones (thanks Sam and Money Mark), and I got hit on and told I was pretty, which is always good for the ego. There were Aussies, Brits, Americans and Japanese – some of whom had lived in Australia. Everyone seemed to hit the dancefloor at some point, as well as chat in the “lounge” area of the toilets!

The important thing was, of course, the music. A great selection was played with some surprises like Oingo Boingo and Pavement, some gothy tunes by the Cure and Sisters of Mercy (thank you DJ with glasses), and old faves by Morrissey, Madness and Happy Mondays.

If it’s on next time I’m in Tokyo, I will definitely go again. If you are, so should you.  But enough gabbing from me, here are some pics:

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  1. Hi Leanne! Yeah it was a great party last night, wasn't it? Will deffo be going to the next one when it happens. Was lovely to meet you, apologies for any drunken strange rantings! Mark

  2. Not at all, Mark! We had good chats about music, living in japan etc…no rants. And hey, I was drunk too 🙂