What’s that in your mail? Some nails!!

Just a quickie to go SQUEEEEE!!!!! over a lovely gift I received in the mail yesterday (apologies for bad B 52’s pun in the title).

A lot of readers will have already guessed they are from the fabulous Violet Lebeaux.

I can’t believe how ‘me’ they are: they’re in leopard print, and they are in my fave colours teal, purple, black and pink. Oh, and they’re squarish, which I like – I’ve never liked those pointy ones.

I don’t suppose many of my readers don’t know her by now (see my post here for example), but just in case…

Violet has an awesome blog which showcases her hime or princess style – she can sweeten or deco anything! I am constantly amazed at the amount of DIY projects she does…and the depth of detail you get! It takes a lot of time to get the right pictures, document the steps etc, and she just aces it and makes it look easy.

I also love the humour and sweetness with which she does things: see one of my faves, her day out in Singapore with fellow fab stylish Nuffnang blogger Candice aka Super Kawaii Mama (the vid is a collaboration of the two). SKM also has an amazing and very popular blog, with an added vintage slant.

Oh what the heck, have a look! And please head to both blogs for many more fab videos.


Candice and Violet’s Day Out! from super kawaii mama on Vimeo.

Violet is also lovely in person, and so I’m excited to catch up with her again, if ever so briefly, in Melbourne. I’m heading there on Friday predominantly for the Tim Burton exhibition, but also attending the Amazing Bodies exhibition, the goth club Heresy at Blue Velvet, and possibly the punk gig Top of the Trashpile. Sunday will be brunch then plane home.

What are you up to this weekend? Have you seen the Tim Burton exhibit when it was in NYC? Or going soon?


  1. Cute nails! I've never worn fake nails and I've always wondered how women function in them!
    I'm visiting the Tim Burton exhibit next Thursday! Can't wait!
    It's such a shame I'm busy this weekend with the shoot–Blue Velvet bar is just ten minute walk away from my house!! 🙁

  2. Ah, that IS a shame.

    I have to have fakes cos I bite my nails otherwise. But I only keep them to the top of my fingers, as I type for my job. This will be the first time I try stick-ons..luckily I have some glue from japan for that purpose 🙂

  3. The nails looks awesome.

    I went to the Tim Burton exhibit in NYC a few months back. I really liked it. It was strange though to see it at the MOMA. Maybe not the best fit.

    What amazed me the most was seeing all the things that he's done that have never made it to the big screen.

    Also the crowd of people going through was really cool.

    You will have a great time!

  4. I did enjoy it immensely!

  5. Yaaay! So glad you like them 😀

  6. Oh, I really do!! I will defo be applying them, once I get my current ones redone 🙂