Valentine’s Day outfit and Club Outfit

I wore multicultural outfits on the weekend. First up, the outfit for the ska/punk club and then goth club we went to.
Fedora: Hat shop in Shimokita
Purple Cosplay Wig: ebay (poss Hong Kong)
Tights: Banana Fish, Tokyo
PVC skirt: Lip Service, US
Top: high street store in Reading, UK
Corset: Dangerous Nude/Kikirara Shoten, Osaka
Frilled neckpiece: Black Peace Now, Tokyo
Skeleton bow tie and fingerless gloves: i-socks, Kuala Lumpur
White & black spat boots: Raben, Sydney
Studded cuffs: Sydney
Then there was Valentine’s Day.
We went to Izote in Newtown – again. That’s the second time this week! We shared ceviche for starters. It was tangy and had just the right balance of citrusy bite, fresh coriander, chili and salt.

Then I had the Beef Enchiladas – but not sure if it was Rojas or Verdes.  YUM!
Dom had the chicken mole. He liked it, but the sauce wasn’t for me.
I decided to dress a bit girly for Valentine’s Day, a bit dark lolita princess.
Multi-charm necklace: Urban Edge, Sydney
Frilled bustier top:  Reading UK (again)
Patent corset belt: Cue, Sydney
Black layered tulle skirt with ribbons and pearls: Banana Fish, Tokyo
Lolita Crown Shoes: Run Nicky Run/Refuse To Be Usual on ebay
I also wore a sequinned bolero, but took it off in the heat.
It’s a pity there wasn’t a ball on; I felt like dancing in this ladylike attire.
But dinner, chocolates and roses wasn’t bad!