Twiggy the iggy & seasons greetings

Wow! I’ve done it again – not posted for a couple of weeks. I have been “digging in” and just spending time at home being domestic, when not forced to be out at work.

This often happens shortly after I come back from an overseas travel trip – just when I have OODLES of stories to tell and photos to post.  I tend to come back to lots of early shifts, which leave me exhausted, and on my few days off I can’t muster the energy to reconnect on social media.  But in addition to this – we got another puppy!

Yep, my pre-chrissy wish was to get a little italian greyhound puppy to complete our family. We now have a little girl called Twiggy, and I’m smitten.

Just like last time when I got Fritz, I find it far more appealing to just be with her than do almost anything else. And the two of them are so cute together!  But I know the cycles of my blogging life, and I’ll have plenty more to post in the near future.

I had a lovely relaxing Christmas Day with friends, eating yummy seafood and enjoying festive cheer and beer. This Saturday night is alternative club Foundry at the Imperial Hotel, and Monday night is TAA-DAA – New Years Eve! So lots of partying is in store – hopefully with pics 🙂

What did you do for Christmas? How will you ring in the New Year? A very merry festive season to you all.