Tokyo Kawaii etc

Just found a lovely blog from Japan which many of you may already know: Tokyo Kawaii etc.

Japanese lady Kirin is the author and she writes about Japanese culture, language, fashion, trends, food, beauty and travel. Read more about her and see her welcome video here, and check out her Tokyo Kawaii etc youtube channel.

In particular, I enjoyed the post and video on…

How To Get Snapped On the Street

Check out the link for a very interesting video on the trouble some guys go to, in the hopes of getting street-snapped in Harajuku.

But wait! There’s more…

Head to the Tokyo Kawaii TV page for all the Tokyo Kawaii TV episodes aired by NHK Japan. Kirin translates the gist of each episode for you, so if you don’t know Japanese, you can still enjoy watching.

Since it is Sneaker Sunday (head to Violet LeBeaux and Dweam for their entries) – here’s the Sneakers Special episode from Tokyo Kawaii TV, aired September 09.

Or how about the Gaijin Gyaru episodeFashion Changes Life or Anime Inspiring fashion (featuring Monotari Ono – see this post for more Ono)? If you’ve got a free day to watch them all, it’s compulsive viewing. And hey, it’s Sunday, so how about now?


  1. Going to have a look at all of those fun videos, especially the sneaker one! Another site to add to my feed reader! Thank you 😀

  2. Cool. It's a great little resource isn't it? Glad to be of service 🙂