Tokyo Girls Collection Spring/Summer 2010

On Saturday, March 6 the 10th Tokyo Girls Collection for Spring/Summer 2010 was held in Yokohama.

The theme this year was “Girls’ Land”, with fashions presented by popular models/celebs from TV and magazines and displayed on huge screens. Held twice yearly, over 23,000 attended the Autumn/Winter 09 event.

How is this different from other fashion shows and Fashion Weeks?

TGC focuses on ‘real’ fashion, meaning clothes people wear in their daily routines. Real fashion is clothing that is popular with consumers and reflects the local cultural context. Real fashion is fashion for real people.

TGC spotlights the latest everyday fashions rather than the ‘clothing as art’ format of conventional catwalk shows. The target is 20-34 year old female consumers – everyday people instead of fashion buyers or fashion journalists. Hence, the show was open to, and aimed at, the public. Way to go!
It was also unique in the use of technology – girls could buy the clothes they saw modelled on the runway, direct from their mobile phones! Not only this, but the clothing was released concurrently in real retail stores, so they could rush out and try the gear on before buying.

There were 3 main stages: Trend, Elegance and Select stage, as well as a Highlight, Special and Partner Stage. See the TGC ’10 S/S Show Report for details. Interesting to note that Topshop featured in the Special stage – check this page for all the photos.

And here are some highlights from the Trend stage:
I loved the military stylings of this one. There were several cute caps, the khaki trend, cool bags and shoes. Check out the Cecil McBee pages on Fashionwalker – there are great shoes and boots (WITH platform – squee!) as well as the clothing.



Emoda (in its debut)
I wasn’t keen on the lace bunny ears that have been done to death already in the past season, but loved the ripped-pants-over-tights, high waisted shorts, statement neckpieces, corset belts and tutus.
I personally wasn’t as taken with the Elegance stage, although this dress was a standout for me, from ef-de, partly because I’m a sucker for stripes, but mainly because of the ruffles at the bottom. It also had brass butto
ns on the shoulders, thus marrying the French Riviera trend with the military one.
From the Select stage, I liked the Another Edition show (website here)
as well as FREE’S MART
On the Special Stage (apart from Topshop already mentioned), kitson was a standout, in its use of colour and the tribal trend. The designers were heavily influened by India and bollywood – I LOVE the eye-popping pinks, corals, violet and turquoise, as well as the headwear and bellydancer belts.

You can buy the fashions from Fashion Walker – and it’s worth a look, this site – it even has Winter Kate from Nicole Richie!

The Tokyo Girls Collection flies off to Okinawa next, landing 24th April.


  1. Wow that last model has crazy long legs! I do like a lot of the pieces individually but I don't think I would wear any of them. Looks like an awesome show though!

  2. Hehe, shes does – wish mine were like that! I'd wear the Topshop leopard top and wedge booties, the military cap and top hat, the tutu, the wide belts and the neckpieces. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. The stripey dress is pretty great.

  4. whats the song Cecil mcbee used this year?

  5. Anonymous says

    Cacada Evacuate the dancefloor.