Tokyo fashion shopping – Black Peace Now, Alice Auaa, Algonquins, Sex Pot Revenge, Banana Fish…

My interest in Japanese Goth lolita fashion really fast forwarded a few years ago when I bought the book Gothic & Lolita. I was astonished at the creativity of the outfits, accessories, make-up and hair. I was so impressed that I did a fashion spread in Fiend Magazine based on the style.

The labels were new to me, but I worked my way through all the weird & wacky names in the G&L; book and googled them to find their website. Ultimately, of course, I went to Japan and saw them in situ, as it were, heh.

The first 2 times I webt to Japan, I was most taken with the more Gothic labels: Alice Auaa, Atelier Boz, Black Peace Now/h. Naoto, Ozz Croce as well as traditional-Japanese-meets-goth label Qutie Frash and bought accordingly.

Ozz Croce

Black Peace Now

I was never so interested in the sweet Lolita stuff for myself – Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, Angelic Pretty, but they were cute to look at. I flirted with the lolita side buying this Algonquins skirt:

and nail jewels, argyle tights, lashes and Lolita crown necklace:

I’ve ALWAYS been into platform boots, so I had to buy these:

But on this last trip I mostly looked at, and purchased, more punk-oriented street wear. Labels like Sexy Dynamite London, Sex Pot Revenge, HellCatPunks and Banana Fish.

Sex Pot Revenge store in Harajuku

Banana Fish striped tights

Oh, and Leopard print. I’m going through a green phase and a leopard phase at the moment – can you tell?

I even bought some boots that have a very small platform (well, I can’t go completely cold turkey, you know!) And they’re AQUA! You couldn’t get much less goth. I saw them in Kera magazine and had to have them. They go with my hair, yanno.

I wonder what I’ll buy next time? Have you been to Tokyo recently and bought groovy gear?


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