Tokyo fashion posts on The Fashionate Traveller

I finally put up a page with links to my posts on Japanese gothic, lolita, dolly kei, punk, gyaru and street fashion (well, Tokyo mostly), and thought I’d post it as well. It’s a work in progress, and I’ve probably missed a few articles, but here is the list thus far:

Japanese fashion: labels, designers, events & stores

* Alamode Market

* Ales Wigs & Extensions

* Algonquins Shinjuku
* Algonquins skirt (outfit post)
* Algonquins skirt to meet Violet (outfit post)

Alice Auaa
* Alice Auaa – exquisite gothic lolita fashion
* Alice Auaa and other gauzy cobweb fabrics

Ann Vanilla
* Ann Vanilla bolero

Atelier Pierrot
* Atelier Pierrot shopping sites
* Atelier Boz & Black Peace Now collaboration

Banana Fish
* Banana Fish Shimokitazawa store
* Banana Fish tulle skirt (outfit post)

* Bunka Fashion College Shinjuku – graduate accessories exhibition

Electric Alice
* Electric Alice webstore
* Electric Alice at Glebe Markets

Fan Plus Friend
* Gothic Aristocrat Cancan outfit

* Fashion’s Night Out in Tokyo

Hellcat Punks
* Hellcat Punks in La Foret

h. Naoto (Peace Now, Black Peace Now etc)
* Naoto collection for Goth night 28/29th August 2010
* Black Peace Now & Atelier Boz collaboration
* BPN skirt from Electric Alice (outfit post)
* BPN skirt at Lunarmorph (outfit post)
* BPN outfit to have tea with Violet
* BPN skirt with Romance Was Born Jacket

Kikirara Shoten/Dangerous Nude
* Kikirara Shoten store in Shibuya
* Visiting Kiki for interview
* Dangerous Nude corset (outfit post)

Lip Service (Japan)
* Lip Service SS 2010

Marui One
* Marui One Shinjuku 2009
* Marui One sale
* Halloween at Marui One
* Marui One first visit

* Merry Go Land

*Miss Me, Omotesando Hills

Nude n’ Rude
* Nude n’ Rude goth punk store in Koenji
* Nude n’ Rude turns 1

* Putumayo Harajuku

* Reem Alasadi Fashion Week Tokyo Feb 10

Sex Pot Revenge
* Sex Pot Revenge SS Range 2010
* Sex Pot Revenge blue leopard pants outfit post

Shibuya 109 (gal style)
* Shibuya 109 first visit March 10 – TutuHA, Flag J, Lip Service etc
* Shibuya 109 April 10

Takuya Angel
* Takuya Angel store
* Takuya Angel Harajuku Lash style
* Celebrating Hanabi with Takuya Angel

* Tokyo fashion shopping general – BPN, Alice Auaa, Algonquins, Sex Pot Revenge, Banana Fish, Ozz Croce, Qutie Frash

* Tokyo Fashion Week highlights Oct 2009 – FurFur, Monotari Ono, Yukiko Hanai, Aguri Sagamori, GVGV etc

* Tokyo Shoe Haul

Tokyo Rebel
* Tokyo Rebel roundup

* Yamanote Line Fashion – street fashion in diff suburbs on the Yamanote line

Yosuke USA
*Yosuke in Marui One
* Fab platform boots from Yosuke
* Autumn sale at Rakuten

Vintage, Dolly Kei and Cult Party Kei
* Cabaret
* Grimoire online shop
* Grimoire and Tarock at Merry Go Land
* Nude Trump
* Rosy Baroque
* The Virgin Mary, Tarock with Ricco, and Grimoire
* My attempt at Dolly Kei (outfit post)

Japanese Street Fashion websites etc
* Ridsnap and Filmdancer
* Tokyo Kawaii TV

Harajuku general
* Harajuku Street fashion – cool boys & a few girls
* Saturday arvo walk through Harajuku
* Harajuku Sunday afternoon – lolitas, cosplayers, Elvises & me
* Meeting Adam Lambert in Harajuku
* Harajuku first visit ever

Kera Magazine
* Kera magazine Sept 10
* Kera magazine, models & iphone app


  1. Amazing! Its so fun to find people who have been to so many of the best shops in Tokyo! I love many of these stores, and have also gotten the chance to meet many of the staff. Great blog!

    • Hehe, I was just on your blog the other day (but I had problems leaving a comment). People interested in simialr things will always find each other, eh? I’ve known of you for sometime, and just got more active commenting on the Japanese Streets blog. Unfortunately I don’t live in Japan, but I go there twice a year, and always meet up with Valerie (& sometimes Carmina), hit the best shops and meet some of the designers.