Tokyo fashion blog roundup – great features from Tokyo Rebel, Alice et Peter Punk and Electric Alice

With no definite plans/dates for a Tokyo return, I’m avidly lapping up piccies and info from over there.
(I WILL get back there this year!)

I’ve been enjoying the series this week from Tokyo Rebel, which is a US store that stocks rock, punk, gothic & lolita Japanese fashion. The owners have been in Japan visiting their stockists, and have been busily documenting their travels in the blog.

You get to see what stores are like on the inside….usually difficult because they don’t normally let you take piccies there. Well do I remember the thrill of first walking into Marui One, and La Foret, and seeing my beloved labels in the flesh.

For now, here’s links to some of the blog posts, as Tokyo Rebel shows you through the stores.

Atelier-Pierrot store in La Foret - this one has video too! Shop for Atelier Pierrot.

Really, head to the Tokyo rebel blog, cos they have so many pictures, you’ll be in heaven.
(All the photos above are from Tokyo Rebel’s blog).
If you’re in Australia, we now have Electric Alice, which I have written about before, and the blog likewise has some posts on Tokyo stores. The online store is opening very soon!! But before that, there is a competition where you can win first chance to choose from the clothing in the online store, and nab yourself something before others have seen it! The Electric Alice competition is here.
Another friend, Valerie from Alice et Peter Punk, has been doing a lot of research into Dolly Kei recently, visiting Grimoire, Cult Party and the Virgin Mary. If you’re interested in this fashion genre, you really should follow the blog, as Valerie spends time with the girls who are at the forefront of the style and will certainly be taking more fabulous photos of the fashion and stores.  My favourite look is here:
And finally, remember my post from Tuesday, where I mentioned the closing of fave label Banana Fish? Tokyo Fashion has picked up the theme, including a translation of the explanation & apology given on the various Banana Fish store blogs. Read it here.
I’m off to a spiffy club tonight called the Pandimensional Halloween Syndicate – so there’ll be pics and a write up very soon!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    no mo banana fish :(

  2. No, but there are probably a few pieces left in online stores.

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