Tokyo bars (again)

Still on the theme of bringing over blog entries from Live Journal last year, here’s one about all the bars/clubs I visited in the almost 3 weeks I was there last April:

While I was in Japan, I spent a fair bit of time in bars (no surprise there!) and showing people around cool places in Shinjuku. I should charge the bars commission 🙂
A list of nightplaces visited, mostly in the Kabukicho area of Shinjuku:

Hair of the Dogs punk bar, Golden Gai, Kabukicho – twice, plus 2 drop ins to say goodbyes.
Godz metal bar, Kabukicho – 3 times
Mother alternative bar, Kabukicho – 3 times
Albatross, GG, Kabukicho – twice
Brians Bar, GG, Kabukicho – once
Sumire No Tenmado – Gothic Lolita Bar in Golden Gai – once
Advocates Bar, Nichome (gay area) Shinjuku – once
one a block up from advocates – twice
Gay karaoke bar, same district – once
Izakayas in west Shinjuku (Omoide Yokocho)to eat & drink – 3 times
Izakaya near Hotel Sunlite, Shinjuku – once
The Lock up, Shinjuku – once (it’s a theme restaurant, but a fun night)
Garageland, punk bar in Shibuya – once
2 in Shimokitazawa, and a couple in Osaka.

Places for gigs/clubs included the Shinjuku Marz, Ikebukuro Live Inn Rosa, Shibuya O-east and Shibuya O-west, and Club Que in Shimokitazawa.

Initially went places with Dom, Briony, Miki & U-tarou from Baal, and their friend Aki. Later I met up with aussies from home: Kat from melbourne, Catherine Wait and her hubby Ben, and Brendan & Tsuya, and showed them “my Shinjuku”.

Middle week/end I also met up with Ivan who lives there, and Elissa who was visiting.

And in the last week, I met 3 boys from Madrid – Roberto, Raul and Torcuato – who showed me Mother, which is now my fave bar there. Good times. Very good times.

And a few pics:

Me and the Madrid boys in metal bar Me and the Madrid boys in metal bar

This was in Godz

Hair of the Dogs punk bar Hair of the Dogs punk bar

Tohra the owner, and the barmaid

Me & Madrid boys in Mother Me & Madrid boys in Mother

the locals in Mother the locals in Mother

It was going off, mate!

Aya, the barmaid Aya, the barmaid

You can just see the cd currently playing,in the middle bottom shelf near the drinks, which is the Cult.