The long & the short of it. Long blue extensions. Short A-line bob.

A few months ago, just before Japan, I got extensions in so that my hair is longish again. I didn’t post the in-process shots at the time, so here they are!  I had one weft (folded over several times), and numerous individual extensions. As you can see, my hair is only shoulder length.

Here you can see the individual ones going in.
We missed out on a heap of photos here.

Basically, the back half of my hair, extensions and all, was dyed turquoise. The blonde at the front was toned to remove the yellowish cast.

Then Melissa cut my hair  – I didn’t want it uber long as that just looks too silly at my age (whereas blue hair doesn’t look silly, in my mind – teehee).

My hair was then blow dried to a satiny finish, and finished off with GHD straightening irons. I was instructed to get a paddle brush to use on the hair 3 times daily – I really underestimated how much I would be brushing my hair to get a tangle-free finish.

But there’s no doubt, when it was finally finished, it looked fantastic.


I haven’t had my hair naturally this long in a few years now, as I got it cut into an extreme Aline bob back in late 2006 (with pink ends!)  It looked great…but you get a hankering for length again after a few years.

I loved the edginess of the Aline cut, but I miss the glamour and updos of long hair, so I’m growing it again. 
If you don’t have to look a specific way for a job or school, I encourage you to take a leap and do something a bit different. It might not be bright colours or changing lengths like me, but something you’ve had in your mind for a while that expresses yourself in a fun way. What changes might you make, if you gave yourself permission?


  1. That blue is amazing. I have not had much luck with vibrant color. I think it is because my hairdressers are always freaked out that I am an attorney who wants purple hair. Plus, my hair is ridiculously black so maybe that makes it difficult for purple to show up. Not sure. But seeing your fun colors makes me envious, and up for trying again.

  2. I have very dark brown hair myself. If your hair has ever been dyed black, though, it will probably only bleach to orange and could then be dyed a vibrant red – but cool colours like blue and purple need it to be pale banana coloured at least. Are there any goth hairdressers near you that know about hardcore bleaching and bright colour?

  3. That must be the problem. I dye my hair jet black (comic book black). The person I used to go was totally punk rock and cool, but maybe not the most technically proficient. My hair never got to the pale banana color that you mentioned when we bleached it.
    You have encouraged me to try again with someone new.

  4. Defo go to a colour specialist. It may be the case though, that your hair will only lighten to orange, and you may have to actually stop dyeing it for a while. Then the new virgin growth will bleach that light, to be able to be dyed cool colours.

  5. This is an awesome post full stop. I've always wanted to see someone's extensions from start to finish!

  6. Thanks you! The extensions are but a dim memory now… At the time it looks like they are never going to blend in and look natural, but they do.