The Fashionate Traveller interviewed by France 24 about Circle Lenses

Just a quickie…

I was interviewed by France24 about circle lenses….see the written article where they interview Violet LeBeaux as well. They put three different stories on the one video here, and my interview is the last one, running from around 3 minutes 40 til 4 minutes 30.

The written article is slanted against circle lens wearing, and is most annoying in its assertion that everyone who wears circle lenses is copying Lady Gaga. As IF! Some of the idiot comments following the article too, show little understanding of the lenses or awareness that people may be following hygienic practises and been to the Optometrist first.

Ah well, the story will blow over and we’ll still be wearing our circle lenses, right?

If you’re new to this, my new blogsite, what do you think?


  1. It made me very cranky too >_< I've been aproached by a couple of other shows since then but turned them all down because of this nonsense.