The Cobweb Club – and out come the bats!

Saturday night, when Blood Sweat & Beers was over, we headed off to the next exciting event of the night – the Cobweb Club.

Cobweb is a Sydney Deathrock party, run by James of Beat Poet and Cat Katerwaul, (who also does the monthly club Ascension at the Sly Fox), billed as “another dose of batcave, trad goth, deathrock, post-punk, punk and coldwave for Sydney bat people”.  DJ’s were Cat, Unexpected Guest, Anorexic Dead and Inksucker.

We were told to “expect to hear the likes of Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death, Rosetta Stone, Sisters of Mercy, Las Gorgonas, The Cemetary Girlz, Frustration, Opera De Nuit, Bunker Strasse, 45 Grave, Red Zebra, Malaria!, Specimen, Plastique Noir, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Death Cult, Deadchovsky, Sexbeat, Bauhaus, Skeletal Family, Rudimentary Peni, Acid Bats, Kas Product, Fields of the Nephilim, Fad Gadget, Corpus Delicti and plenty of tracks from the new Zorch compilation ‘Zoundbies’.

The setlist for Cobweb club is here.

I caught a ride with Brigitte and Carly (from the Dark Shadows), and the awesome Will (who goes to all the punk gigs and clubs in Sydney). Just as we arrived, so did masses of other punters, and the place exploded with people and big hair! In the centre here is DJ Inksucker.

The club had an awesome vibe and great music. My rockabilly friends had a fun time as well as the goths, postpunks and batcavers. The decor was fun, with cobweb ribcages suspended from the ceiling, and skeletons and bats everywhere.  If you were in a certain frame of mind, it could amuse you for hours…

And there were other unexplained phenomena as well – I went to take a sip of my beer and look what had landed in it!
It came from outer space…
I took a spin on the dancefloor before going back to drunken socialising and taking happy snaps. There were bats, spiders, bones and skeletons galore on the patrons as well as the walls.
Some of the other hotties on the night were Rachel Black, art director extraordinaire who also writes for alternative zine The Independent Voice, Emily from fashion label Baroque & Roll (see my post here for more),
and James from Beat Poet menswear (below; I’ll definitely be writing about this label soon – they’ve been showing at Sydney Fashion Week for several years). The usual suspects also attended, including Trashley of Altering Images hair salon and who runs too many clubs to mention, and Douglas Voodoo of Die Maschine club fame.

Cobweb Club will be hosting the Sydney leg of the Christian Death tour in August! So you KNOW you wanna be there if you’re a goth or deathrocker in Sydney.


  1. your the cutest thing i have ever seen.

  2. Oh, I'm sure I'm not!! I love how our hair matches…there aren't that many aqua haired girlies out there 🙂

  3. Ha ha that's right blame me! Shame there is no photographic proof that for a few minutes at least I was flanked by two-gorgeous-thirds of The Dark Shadows!

  4. was probably my misperception at the time since I was so trashed myself..but they did sms you asking where the club was, didn't they?

  5. They did, but I think Joey was only wanting to say goodbye!


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