Tentacle Threads – hot new alternative designer

When the moon rises, and you realise you are running late to the initiation ceremony – HAVE NO FEAR.

When you need an outfit for a guest appearance at the gates of hell, and your minions just aren’t getting the job done – and you’ve flogged them….and flogged them……and flogged them…

Or you’re taking a sandworm as your date to a concert and have NOTHING to wear – don’t break a sweat –

Calm your rage – help is at hand.

All you need is Tentacle Threads!

Tentacle Threads bounded into the alternative fashion scene very recently with Beetlejucian fervour, launching the “Psychosis” Range in late ’09, and is proud to be 100% Australian made with nothing outsourced to sweatshops in China or anywhere else.

Designer “Squiddy” is hellbent on breaking the mores and minds of everyday society, and says: “If you want to make a statement, do it looking fancy!”

And Tentacle Threads helps you do just that with lashings of Tim Burton and circus inspiration – stripes galore, slinky goth fishtail skirts, ringmaster tailcoats – ooh, la la! This range is SO up my alley!! And probably yours as well 🙂  It’s Alice on acid – or at least absinthe.

Movingly, Squiddy has dedicated all Tentacle Threads designs to Nate Cult, whose birthday would have fallen on September 11, the day of the Lunarmorph Parade. (Nate was the 29-year-old frontman of industrial rock band All Eyes Dark, and was killed last month when he was struck by a car while walking along the F6 near Helensburgh). For behind the scenes pics of the fantastic Lunarmorph show, see the Tentacle Threads blog.

This argyle Harlequinn skirt which is very Alice, is brought into the present with sequin embellishment for va-voom! impact.

This one-off custom jacket is inspired by Repo! The Genetic Opera, and features a hand-airbrushed image of a Victorian child with 2 heads. Creepy? Yes. But also intriguing, original and elegant. 

I’m in love with the pointy shoulders of this bolero jacket, though the tailcoat is still drawing me

The great news is, there’s an online Tentacle Threads store!! SO you can shop wherever you are. Go on… you know you want to!

Tentacle Threads also has an Etsy store, a Facebook page,

and is stocked at the amazing
Gallery Serpentine
Shop 2, 112-116 Enmore Rd
Enmore 2042

Tentacle Threads – clothing for circus freaks


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