Tattoo Inspired Jewellery from Robinson Designer Goldsmith.

I wasn’t going to do a designer feature again so soon, but I disovered this fantastic jewellery designer today and just had to share.

Do you like tattoos? Do you like skulls? Do you like bling? If you said yes to all three, then you’re going to love RDG Jewellery. AKA Robinson Designer Goldsmith, from Takapuna, New Zealand.

Ken Robinson established the business in 1986, but he’s joined now by his sons Michael and David. And look what Michael came up with.

This piece is called Skullduggery. Michael says “The platinum skull is pavé set with 2·4 ct of collection-grade diamonds. The 18 ct rose and yellow gold swallow is set with orange and yellow sapphires, and the 18 ct snake is set Tsarvorite garnets and topaz. Black diamonds highlight both animals’ eyes.”
Or how about these by David. This one is diamond, pink sapphire and garnet skull & vine pendant, 18ct white and green gold.
Another Pirate skull pendant: a black and white diamond set skull pendant, in 18ct white gold.
And then there’s this gorgeous black and white diamond set skull pendant with a peridot and topaz parrot, in 18ct.
But there’s so many options; the nature collection includes frogs, bumble bees, swans, owls and even butterflies.
And what about this one, called “National Treasure”
This is real jewellery, not costume, so one of these will set you back between $2,000 and $6,000! A girl can dream…

They do commissions too, so if you would love to see a Japanese dragon or koi tattoo design made into a pendant, or perhaps a vintage burlesque gal, they could do that too.

For those with the cash, see the RDG website or Facebook page.
As for me, for now I’ll be sticking with my skull and crossbones costume jewellery from i-socks in Malaysia.

PS I should also give credit where credit is due. I read this in a fab magazine called Post Modern Ink, and I’ll let them speak for themselves:
Not only is Post Modern Ink the only 100% Australian lifestyle tattoo and art magazine (we write everything from the ground up, locally – no syndicated editorial here), but we also go above and beyond to bring you the best of the best.

A great example resides in our current issue, on sale now, where the PMI team flew to Japan to check out the crazy world of Sabado The Monster, the traditional stylings of Tebori tattoo legend, Ken Horimyo and the stunning artwork of the geeky Osaka Ben.

We also took time out with Angelique Houtkamp, spoke to comedian Jamie Kilstein, looked at some Australian/Japanese history, explored the true origins of the southern cross symbol, looked at flower iconography in tattooing, spoke to Alexisonfire and heaps, heaps more. So really, what are you waiting for? Get out and pick up Post Modern Ink issue #4, on sale now.”

I can vouch – it’s a bloody good read, with great photography. The article on the Cowra breakout during WWII had me rivetted in my hairdresser’s chair. I can’t wait for the next one 🙂