Takuya Angel store; Gothic Lolita lashes

It would be remiss of me to only focus on the lashes, and not the rest of the Takuya Angel brand and store.

In 1995 Takuya Sawada set up shop in Harajuku, just off Takeshita Street, having had a store in his native Osaka. His style was different from other fashion houses right from the start: he wanted to keep the spirit of traditional Japan alive by updating and modernising it – and how!

Fusing traditional Japanese fabric patterns and garment shapes with cyber elements, he will, for example, mix kimono fabric with fluffy fake fur. There’s bright fluoro colours, sometimes pinstripe, floral motifs, wide legged pants with overskirts, heart-shaped or pointy facemasks in PVC, capes, legwarmers, bags and wooden geta shoes.


There are even pants with strapped on pieces that are based on ancient Japanese armour, as found in excavation sites! It also reminds me a bit of the famous Boccioni sculpture, striding through space.

Takuya’s not afraid to mix stripes with florals and brights.
The fur claws for hands and feet are unmistakeable, and popular.
Honestly, a lot of this stuff is too out there for me, but if I was 20 years younger and lived in japan, who knows? I applaud any fashion designer who creates something new and has the courage of his convictions to make otherworldly creations that some people do buy and wear.

I’m sure none of this is new to any of my readers – the popularity of DJ Sisen has helped to publicise the brand. Sisen works at the store on Saturdays, so pop along and say hi if you’re in town. Like Sisen, Takuya also DJ’s at various goth/alternative clubs in Tokyo, usually a hard electro-industrial/cyberpunk set.

Now, as to getting to the place.

My very first visit to the store was unsuccessful – even after phoning La Carmina and eventually finding the joint, it was closed, as Takuya and Sisen were on a Tokyo Decadance tour. Such a disappointment for a girl!! 🙁

I saw a closed door, and then spied a little handwritten note in a loveheart on the posterboard outside the shop. Aww, the personal touch!

Here’s a map so you can find it when you go – the crepe place on the corner is what you’re looking out for.

You then pass a takoyaki place shortly after.  See here for a step-by-step-guide to getting to the TA shop. If you look up ahead and see a cowboy riding a skinny bull, you’re in the right place. Here we are standing on the TA porch. (For more, there’s a short vid of our walk around Harajuku, here).

At this fork in the road, the cowboy is ahead, and the TA store is to your left. There used to be an Elvis, but he disappeared (abducted by aliens? Resurfacing in Las Vegas? who knows?)
EDIT: I did have a giveaway competition here originally, but I think it was a bit too niche, as Takuya Angel lashes are way too out there for many people 😉

EDIT 2: In breaking news (July 3rd 2010), Takuya Angel will be holding his last ever fashion show on July 31st at Tokyo Dark Castle, and the shop will close in August. BUT…for those who want to visit Sisen, he’s now at the Decadance Bar, several nights a week.


  1. I adore Takuya Angel! Let me know of giveaway!