Take me to the Casbah

You know how when you go on holidays you pick up trinkets and costumey things that you’ll never use, or wear? Well, I guess the Petronas Towers bottle opener we bought fits into the former category, but instead of some sombrero I’ll never wear, I picked up a local item I love.

It may be because my last two jaunts have been to places really hot and humid – namely, Japan and Malaysia – but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy the Winter fashion on display in those places. Fur, fake fur, long boots, coats all seem out of place in climates over 30 degrees celsius. And so I found myself drifting to stores that had good casual yet glamorous clothes to relax in, with easy fit, drapey detailing – and bright colours.

In short, resort wear (shriek?!)

The gothier of my readers may want to turn away now, but I bought a beautiful dress from a Malay shop that had clothing intended for Malay muslim women (in Bukit Bintang Plaza). It came in killer colours like bright turquoise, purple and orange, and made me barely consider the black version. Add to the colour, the soft drapey sleeves, beautifully soft georgette fabric and then add metallic studded embellishment, and you’ve got me.

It reminds me of the 70’s, a new trend making its way in, as well as the global traveller theme that’s been around a few seasons now. I threw on some big statement jewellery to make it more Moroccan looking, and can even see a turban matching with it when I wear it out.

The embellished yoke is lovely even with just a simple necklace:

Should you be afraid of colour this summer? Buddha-horse says “nay!”


  1. love the dress ^^ and that first necklace really finishes of the look! It’s get colder here so for me it’s byby summer dresses

  2. I think it’s pretty. I love the bold jewelry.