Randa Shoes A/W 2011/12

Is it too soon to do another shoe post?? I thought it was time to check out Randa‘s latest offerings, as my last post on Randa’s Spring/Summer collection was back in March.  I was so taken with this season’s styles, that I’ve ordered three pairs already!

Aren’t these over-the-knee brightly coloured boots just delish? I fell in love with the orange ones, and so I bought them:

There are some amazing shoes showcasing the new colour block trend, like these:

Although I loved the blue, I settled on the pink and orange, as it’s such an unusual colour for shoes…and I have the outfits to match!

Some others I loved but didn’t buy, also in great colours (love the button detailing too):

Unusually for me, I fell for a pair of baby pink shoes (even though they also came in grey or black). They are just so ladylike, I loved them! They would be perfect for a lolita, hime or dolly kei outfit. The coral booties next to them I find an unusual shape, but managed not to buy them.

There are many more styles worthy of a good peruse, either at the Randa online store, or at the Rakuten store Hitotei, where I purchased mine from.  Yes, they deliver to overseas destinations, but at around $25 to $30 per pair of shoes. I’ll let you know how it goes, time and costwise.

November Vivi has a Randa spread showcasing some of the best styles too:

And that is probably enough pictorial goodness for now. You know you really want to hit those websites and have a drool…

Vivi October 2010 – Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast

While I was in Tokyo, not only did I buy my usual latest copy of Kera, but also picked up gyaru magazines Ageha, Glamorous and Vivi.

Vivi October 2010 just so happened to showcase Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast over 3 pages, shot by Osami Yabuta, seen here:

I have to agree with Rumi that the pages of Vivi are crammed full of images which is a treat for the eye, makes it exciting deciphering it all. Some things that caught my eye included: wedges and platforms from Topshop, lots of boho silver jewellery, heavy rimmed sunnies, leopard, fur and fake fur. 

Something else I’ve seen here in Tokyo a lot is the clog-boot – that is, a bootie that has a wooden clog-like platform with brass studded detailing. It takes the clog trend into Fall, basically, which I hadn’t seen here in Australia, but I unexpectedly liked. There’s also a funky red satin crown on the 2nd page that is more maharajah than any EGL mini crown I’ve ever seen, and I love (but I love weird headwear)

What do you think about the things you see on these pages? Like? Hate?