Cocktail hats, mini-hats and where to get the materials

Who doesn’t love a little cocktail hat or mini hat?

Well, actually there are a few; mainly those who are scared of hats in general. But can I say these are just the easiest to wear, can flatter all face types…and are better than just wearing a woosy fascinator!

A cocktail hat may be a classic pillbox, possibly a small dish hat, maybe even a mini bowler or tophat. It is something small and dainty enough to perch on your head on a jaunty angle – natch!


Since I’m currently working on a DIY video on blocking a cocktail hat or pillbox out of felt, I thought it might be timely to first list a few suppliers.

You may recall my DIY Embellished Headband post, in which I used a flat felt. I’m likewise going to be using wool felt in some upcoming hat projects.

The felt I use in the upcoming video is from a supplier called B&M; Felt, which I found at  Finders Keepers last month. You can buy the felt in either 2mm, 3mm or 5mm thickness, and in various sized squares or by the metre. I bought a few squares in a fuchsia colour called Lloyd, and a green called Apple, but there are many others.

They specifically deal in felt, but for overall millinery supplies, you may want to go to the specialists. Here are some Australian ones,  but just google ‘Millinery supplies’ to find some in your own country and town.

Milliners Workshop (aka SA Brown)
De Lew Designs
Torb & Reiner
C J Preston

For feathers as well as some millinery supplies:

General craft supplies:

I’ll list more specialty suppliers, such as for diamantes or leather, as I come to them in the DIY’s. I hope you stick around and check them out!