Gothic wallpaper – skulls

It is now a done deal – I bought a house!!

Hence my pre-occupation recently with interior style as opposed to fashion. However, the two are often interlinked; we can indeed let our personal style influence our surroundings – especially if we own our place or have a friendly landlord. Today I’d like to bring  you some of my favourite gothic wallpapers, in skull patterns.

A Store Called Worth

Canadian fashionistas will already be aware of this store, which is dramatically fitted out with black ceiling with octagon smoked mirrors, a replica 17th Century Baroque chair in black lacquer and vinyl crocodile, a life size alabaster white reindeer, and grey and black damask wallpaper.

Carl Abad is owner and visionary of Worth, one of Canada’s first lifestyle shops specializing in “the next big thing” in art, fashion and design. Abad is well known in fashion circles from Calgary to Chelsea. While living in the UK, he was an assistant for the Terri Tanaka Agency, working under leading UK stylist Tassos. His assisting and styling work appeared in British Vogue, The Face and Wonderland. Worth is the result of Abad’s obsession with fashion and design and his desire to introduce Canadians to a diverse mix of international design.

Let’s get to the amazing wallpaper.

Isn’t it divine?

As Rollout states:

Worth Paper mashes together punk rock, granny, and brothel themes into a beautifully eerie statement on voyeurism and vanity. From a distance, the decorative filigree draws the viewer into the gaze of a wall filled with x-ray human skulls. These “mirror mirrors” reflect the impending decay that will one day wither our beauty and strip away our youth once and for all. 


Its ominous call challenges us to live, work and party hard.

Erm, quite.  For those who may prefer a more restrained, demure colour palette, see the wallpaper in cream:

Can’t you just see this in your granny’s parlour? You’d barely notice that it has skulls on it.

Worth has a facebook page and a blog, or you can follow Worth on twitter!

A few more designs from Rollout show how to incorporate skulls and tattoo motifs into wallpaper, first from Mark Ecko:

And Hell Pizza:

Beware The Moon

From Beware the Moon comes this awesome bronze flocked skull wallpaper.  As they describe it: reflective bronze, deep-pile velvet Skull motif on an incredible light-catching, iridescent base which changes colour as you walk past it through reds, greens, blacks and golds – like an oil slick in a dirty puddle.

Close-ups show the various hues reflected under different light conditions:


Definitely one for use in small doses only, methinks. It is available in various different colourways from Beware The Moon.

From Designer Wallcoverings come these skulltastic wallpapers:

What do you think? I’ve seen other skull wallpapers, but not ones that have incorporated the skulls so successfully. Some are just goddang ugly. Have you seen any that you’d like to share here?