The other sizeism

There was a bit of a hubbub yesterday about Fashion Hayley’s post and her comparing size-ism to homophobia, racism and sexism.

I don’t think I need to point out that it’s not the same at all.  While she asked someone on twitter: “have you ever been kicked because of your size?” I had to stop myself typing: “have you ever been KILLED because you were queer, a female, or the wrong race?”   People are still being murdered around the world for these other things…but I’ll move on.

What really gets my goat is a different type of size-ism. How is it now that we can have large models, but we still can’t have short but perfectly proportioned petite ones? 

So, America’s Next Top Model was thinking about casting models under 5’7″ – pffft!! well that’s only a slight come down from those who are 6ft. What about those of us who are only 5’1″ or 5’2″ (ie 155 -157 cm for the rest of the world who know metric)

You can only be really short and model if you’re already famous first – hello Lily Allen.

Or Kelly Osbourne (5’3″) who looks great btw – ok she did slim down a lot first (which just goes to show if you want something badly enough…) but she’d never get on the catwalk if she wasn’t a celeb.
There are so many gorgeous petite women who are healthy, have killer curves in the right places…and can’t even get print modelling because of being so short.
And unlike some other size issues, there is not one damn thing a short person can do to change their height, apart from adding a few inches with platforms or stilletos.
THAT’s what gets MY goat. It’s never gonna change (and I was never fit/pretty enough to be a model anyway 🙂
Off to the hairdressers now, because that is one thing I CAN change – my hair colour. And I frequently do 😉