New deathrock hair!

I’ve loved the deathrock look for some years now (not to mention deathrock music and clubs!)  Well, on Wednesday I went to the fabulous “Leopard Lounge” vintage hair salon in Newtown, and got it done. Well, one side anyways.

The last time I shaved the side of my head I didn’t like it much…but that was because my hair is fine and the loss of hair left it looking flat. But with the fullness of hair extensions (still in from Singapore), it looks just great! I got a smallish area near the ear shaved down to a number 2, and left a little trigger area just in front of the ear.

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This day a year ago – DIY Leopard Print Hair

On December 8 last year I posted this DIY, and since it’s party season again, I present to you – How to get leopard print hair!

Here’s my DIY video where I show how I did the leopard print on my hair, by demonstrating on a wig.

It’s great for parties, clubs and gigs, whether punk, rockabilly, psychobilly or goth. Give it a go! It’s easy…

Did you try this in the past year?  Why not try it now?

Alternative Vintage Hair & Mexican Boy Beaters

I haven’t posted many pics of myself in recent months, but thought it might be fun to show some of my semi-vintage hair looks. I say semi, as I think the blue  coloured hair and weird lenses give the looks an alternative edge. In one, I have victory rolls, in another, a rolled fringe (which I achieved by rolling around a synthetic hair dreadlock).  These are both cab-cam pics, as often I only have time to snatch snaps on the way to events:

Vintage hair look, victory rolls in blue hair rolled fringe on blue hair

I’m the first to admit the fringes are a bit messy, not least because it’s often so hot and steamy in Sydney (and I’m often running late)!  But I will be trying these techniques again when I have more time. I did buy a hair rat when I was in japan once, but have mislaid it, so it’s definitely time to buy a few more to enable me to do all manner of vintage hairdo’s more successfully.

As it was so hot on Saturday night and I was seeing legendary German psychobilly band “Mad Sin”, I just wore a psychobilly tank top, my beloved bones necklace and some bone hairclips (oh, with the odd eyeball thrown in there).  Blue leopard lenses, eyeshadow from Maybelline’s new “Hyper Diamonds” pallette and big Japanese fake lashes completed the look.

The fab tank you can’t see very well here is from Hellwear in Camden Markets, and it is the Darkside Mexican Boy beater (as they call it) that I chose:

Darkside mexican tank

See more of the goth, monster and horrorpunk ‘beaters at Hellwear’s site, or at Darkside’s site.  And do try an alternative vintage look in your hair some time!

DIY Leopard Print Hair – the tutorial

Here’s my DIY video where I show how I did the leopard print on my hair, by demonstrating on a wig.

It’s great for parties, clubs and gigs, whether punk, rockabilly, psychobilly or goth. Give it a go! It’s easy…

13th Moon and The Cracks @ Shinokubo Earthdom

I just had to visit Harajuku on Saturday, and caught these stunning looking gothic girls on the cosplay bridge (I *THINK* they were all girls)

I also checked out Sex Pot Revenge, and chatted to old pal Ryo who manages the store:

After a visit to La Foret and Takeshita St, it was time to rush home and get ready for the gig at Shinokubo Earthdom.

With fantastic energy as always, despite the oppressive heat, Nao pranced around the stage as a devilish ghoul dandy, and the band 13th Moon gave us our money’s worth. I later chatted to him and fellow deathrocker Eve-kun.

I also met Nao’s lovely girlfriend Miwa, who may look familiar if you checked out the models in the Nude n Rude magazine I linked to in my post the other week.

Next band up were “The Cracks” – and they were awesome, pumping out Psychobilly tunes like mad things. I filmed them, but forgot to take a pic. The singer had a pig-like mask with dangly bits hanging off -a bit like one of those mutants from House of 1000 Corpses.

However, what really impressed me was the wrecking crew down on the dancefloor in front of me – it made me feel right at home! The scene here is much the same as the scene at home – the guys with the uber-sharp quiffs and Meteors t-shirts, the vintage girlies with victory rolls, 50’s dresses and flicked Von Teese eyeliner, and the ubiquitous tatts and piercings. Later I got pics of some of the boys and their rad hairdos.

After that, it was time for me to get back to the hotel and change, in readiness for the Seileen night at the Decadance Bar. This was a fantastic night, and you know I’ll be posting about all the fab goth peoples there in a post soon…