Neon Brights

A package from the Outnet arrived for me today, full of Cinderella-y goodness.

Well, actually, it’s two dresses for the festive season.  I was looking online the other day for party dresses…and was like a kid in a candy store. One dress was almost blindingly bright – a neon yellow/green confection of lace and tulle – and despite it being borderline 80’s-tastic, I felt I just had to get it. This is it:

Hey, one only gets a chance to buy stuff like this when neon is in fashion (unless it’s from a costume store!)  I’ve been wearing block colour orange for a while now, with pops of aqua or pink next to it, but I really want to try the neon-yellow that’s been seen around the past few months. Yes, I could be tasteful and just wear it as a cardi, or on my nails…but it’s party season! Why not?

Obviously the next question is what to wear with it? What shoes, bag, belt, jewellery, nailpolish and make-up? Since the Christmas/New Year season here in Sydney tends to be HOT, it seems utterly appropriate to accessorise with similarly summery neon brights.  While I love turquoise with the acid yellow, fuschia and magenta also pop well against it. Silver, too, always looks great with bright colour.  Here are some of my faves:

Listing the items as they run down each photo-strip, top to bottom, left to right:

1. Tom Binns Ethno Teknic “Massai” neon necklace

2. Hot Topic pink pyramid stud belt

3. Silver studded Karmaloop shoe

4. ASOS neon yellow bag

5. Neon nail polishes

6. Pink “Ami” leopard shoe Karmaloop

7. ASOS aqua scallop edge satchel

8. Aqua cream colour from Make Up Forever

9. Jeffery Campbell pink bag from Karmaloop

10. Neon Tribal Punk necklace from DolorisPetunia on Etsy

11. Neon make-up

12. Blue statement necklace from DolorisPetunia on Etsy

13. Jeffery Campbell Darian neon yellow shoe from Solestruck

14. Sly (Japan) feather jacket

15. Neon yellow Royal Opulence lace and tutu dress from the Outnet – now sold out, sorry!

Do you like anything from here? What would you accessorise the dress with? Would you do as they’ve done on the website and tone it down with basic black?

Postscript: I tried it on and it’s a little small around the back (I’ve put weight on this year and have just started to exercise again). Looks like I’ll be wearing the other dress, with gold sequin top and black tulle skirt, for the New Year!

Leopard dress at Newtown Station

Just a short one today – time for an outfit shot.  It’s my new fave Bebe dress, which I wore to my work’s Christmas Party dinner. Readers will have seen this on me before…but gasp! It’s not in my apartment but outdoors. I liked the way the railway tracks converge and how I have a train running into my head in the second picture, heh.

I choose to live near railway stations so I don’t have to rely on a car. Perhaps because I work in traffic and see the results each day of too many cars with single occupants in them, clogging the city’s arteries, I want to do my bit to alleviate this. It is also becoming obvious that it is kinder to the environment to use mass transit than personal transport. So I either take the train to/from work, or I walk (about 35 minutes). My husband cycles to/from work, and we mostly use public transport to get to social engagements, or taxis when that is more convenient.

We sometimes use a car-share system when we want a car for the afternoon – GoGet being the one of our choice. This means we don’t have to pay for the upkeep and insurance of a car, constantly find a park, etc etc.

Anyway, that’s enough of my personal transport philosophy. Back to the look.  It’s more of a natural make-up look with no false lashes and just a touch of glitter at the inner corners…but as always, I’m wearing my fave aqua G&G BT circle lenses!

The only problem was, after several pubs in the city, we could not get a cab to stop for love nor money, and went into Blink night-club to have a dance and a few more drinks. Everyone else was in indistrial, goth or metal gear – out of place much? I still had a really good time, but boy, was I the most vanilla looking one in the place.

What did you wear to your work’s Christmas do?