Sunny Orange Make-up

In my last post I wore a very orange-themed face of make-up, to match the orange pops of colour in my outfit and hair.  A little description is in order, as to what products I used and how I achieved the look.

The lip products used were my new matt orange lipstick from Innoxa (from their Couleurs D’ete range), called “Tangerine”, and a lipliner from Prestige called “Poppy”.

The Innoxa lipstick was lovely, moist and creamy, but thankfully not at all frosty, which I find as a girl over 40 ages me. The whole range is worth checking out; there are some gorgeous and very versatile colours.


The Tangerine is just a little darker than the Lime Crime orange lipstick I own, “My Beautiful Rocket“. I forgot I owned it, can you believe, hence me buying another orange lipstick!

My eyes:

For the brows I used the Poppy lipliner pencil over already defined brows, to add a little warmth to the colour.

Then as a highlighter I used Make Up Forever matt shadow in an egg yolk yellow shade called Sunflower (number 71), just under the browbone.

I lined the eye with black eye pencil (I like Rimmel) and then liquid liner. Under the eye I used the Poppy liner again just underneath the line of black. Underneath the Poppy liner under the eye I used an orange blush by Nyx as a shadow – it is the powder blush in Cinnamon colourway. I discovered this line in Tokyo in January and am in love with it – but it comes from the US.  I winged it out past the corner of my eye, which needed blending not to look too harsh. Then I made sure it was blended well under the eye as well, as I carried it a good few cm under the eye (almost to where blusher might usually start).

On the eyelid itself and in the inner corner I used the orange UV Kryolan Aqua colour, with a gold shadow over for a little bit of sparkle. To define the crease I used a browny grey shadow.

A huge set of false lashes on top from the violet line from Diamond Lash, and some smaller ones underneath, completed the eyes. I can’t believe the lashes went all the way to the inner corner. I cut them the next day as they looked a little too long, but I’m just amazed that they stuck so well, all the way to the tear duct. The upper ones are extremely big, and VERY fake looking, but I kind of liked the way my eyes looked like Sunflower petals when surrounded by them. The actual lashes I used are in these pics below:


For those interested I used Revlon’s Colorstay foundation for normal/dry skin in Buff Chamois, and of course I finished off with my 17mm circle lenses.

Then it was time to hit the town and partay! Here I am with another goth girl about town, Alice:

Fuck yeah, orange!

It’s no secret that I’m currently potty about orange. I’ve been sporting bright orange hair for weeks, and after a visit to my hairdresser now have a new short fringe with red and some dark plum running through the back here and there too.  I also have bright orange nails, and just had to throw on an orange themed outfit with orange toned make-up for a club on Saturday night, Ascension:

orange gothic hair

Corset with orange PVD detailing: Lip Service USA
Skirt with metal studding: Elvis 4 Cleo, Newtown
Necklace: Tree of Life, Newtown

I’ll do a make-up tutorial with products used tomorrow.

The following day I toned down the make-up a little for a visit to the Rock & Roll Markets in Tempe:

Raven skull silver necklace: Billy Blue
Striped skirt with pleating: Black Peace Now
Silver & black brogue heels: Urban Edge

The fringe will be a little longer for when I go to Japan next month, but I don’t mind it this short – it makes it easier to stay in place in Sydney’s humid weather! Just hairspray and go 🙂 What do you think?

These are a few of my fave orange things….

OK, so I’ve always had a thing for orange…not as all pervasive as my constant love for turquoise and purple, but nonetheless, it’s a colour I’ve often popped into when I want to be “woah!” bright. SO I’m pleased as punch that it’s back in our editorials and stores, ready to enjoy the rest of the summer.

Here’s a quick recap of some of my orange moments…


 Yes, from fluoro orange dreads to orange biohazard tops to PVC orange dresses to orange and yellow eyeshadow…been there, done that. More recently, I attempted an orange Dolly Kei look:

I could definitely expand my orange repertoire, mind you…and here are a few items I’ve spotted that might just fit the bill.

ASOS orange 60’s coat with contrast trim

From the Grand Social, come these 70’s inspired Nookie Run Free Flares, and the dress is from Bird Motel


Cyberdog has these fabbo fluoro tartan pants, and a trilby hat with fluoro bullet holes in it!


Leaves of Grass silk dupion top in coral colour from The Outnet; Ashish Hibiscus mini from My Catwalk


There’s these 4 dresses from Herve Leger at Net a Porter, where orange/coral and lilac are used to great effect:


I’m loving David Koma’s orange dress and Kane’s orange skirt


If you like my bright orange dress above, it is from Artifice Clothing, a Canadian alternative fashion designer who works with PVC.

After an orange necklace? How about this one from Zad, or the Maliparmi chain from Yoox.


Accessories for the more adventurous – Gaga-esque orange visors from Cyberdog (more styles online)


At Ami Clubwear you’ll find orange croc platform shoes, and Zappo’s has these Zanotti for Christopher Kane orange booties:


Several finalists and the winner in the Redken 2010 Future Colour competition were in orange colours:


Finally, an orange co-ordinate from my own wardrobe, with things I’ve collected over the years. Only the necklace is new.

Singlet top: Just Jeans
Orange skirt: Wallis
Jacket: Urban Edge (Broadway)
Bag: Kathy Van Zeeland
Big bangle: Cameron Racy (Japan)
Other accessories probably Diva or Accessorize
Orange shoes: Wild Diva


My paisley top from Wallis also looks great with the ensemble. The necklace is from Tree of Life.


And that’s about enough orange for one day. How do you feel about the colour? Will you be wearing it?