January, looking forward, looking back

So how was your New Years Eve?  We just managed to catch the midnight fireworks then dashed back to Black Cherry Club, where we had fun hanging with friends…but failed to get any really good pics of our outfits 🙁

I was going to do a retrospective collage of last year…but failed to even get past January.  Looking back at last January – boy, did I have an exciting time!  (And boy, was MY hair RED!)

Starting off with my New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Sydney,

I high-tailed it to the airport on the morning of January 1 to fly to Tokyo. I wanted to be there for the January sales and fukubukuro bags, dontchaknow? I managed to do a lot of outfit posts on the blog (many in black, grey, leopard and fake fur)…quite a record for me.

I also caught up with a bunch of friends in Tokyo, hit a lot of stores including Marui One, Studio Alta, Shibuya 109 and Grimoire, took a few street snaps, and did a HEAP of shopping.

At the end of the month I celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary at the Big Day Out, with a cute hairdo with 2 top-knots.

And I headed out to a goth club in crimped 80’s style hair and danced for the first time in my spine-heeled d squared shoes, as well as my floral hair clip and jet beaded collar from Grimoire.


Hopefully I’ll have just as action packed a January this year, even if I’m not heading to Tokyo any time soon. There are a lot of gigs lined up, from The Damned, to Soundgarden, to Voltaire, to Sisters of Mercy, to Bad Manners, to Arctic Monkeys, and to the awesomeness of Big Day Out and Soundwave soon.

I also have 29th Jan to 7th Feb off, and am contemplating going somewhere new and relatively close for a week..Indonesia? Hit a beach resort, or over-the-water lake retreat in Java a la Anthony Bourdain?  Would love to head to Aceh with an armful of punk cd’s to distribute to the punk kids there who are being oppressed…but travelling on my own not perhaps the best idea. Or Bali – avoid Kuta and head to Ubud, where I’ve never been?

Or there’s always Malaysia, go somewhere I haven’t been before there…which leaves quite a lot. Anywhere in Asia would suit me fine. Hmm…any recommendations?

Neon Brights

A package from the Outnet arrived for me today, full of Cinderella-y goodness.

Well, actually, it’s two dresses for the festive season.  I was looking online the other day for party dresses…and was like a kid in a candy store. One dress was almost blindingly bright – a neon yellow/green confection of lace and tulle – and despite it being borderline 80’s-tastic, I felt I just had to get it. This is it:

Hey, one only gets a chance to buy stuff like this when neon is in fashion (unless it’s from a costume store!)  I’ve been wearing block colour orange for a while now, with pops of aqua or pink next to it, but I really want to try the neon-yellow that’s been seen around the past few months. Yes, I could be tasteful and just wear it as a cardi, or on my nails…but it’s party season! Why not?

Obviously the next question is what to wear with it? What shoes, bag, belt, jewellery, nailpolish and make-up? Since the Christmas/New Year season here in Sydney tends to be HOT, it seems utterly appropriate to accessorise with similarly summery neon brights.  While I love turquoise with the acid yellow, fuschia and magenta also pop well against it. Silver, too, always looks great with bright colour.  Here are some of my faves:

Listing the items as they run down each photo-strip, top to bottom, left to right:

1. Tom Binns Ethno Teknic “Massai” neon necklace

2. Hot Topic pink pyramid stud belt

3. Silver studded Karmaloop shoe

4. ASOS neon yellow bag

5. Neon nail polishes

6. Pink “Ami” leopard shoe Karmaloop

7. ASOS aqua scallop edge satchel

8. Aqua cream colour from Make Up Forever

9. Jeffery Campbell pink bag from Karmaloop

10. Neon Tribal Punk necklace from DolorisPetunia on Etsy

11. Neon make-up

12. Blue statement necklace from DolorisPetunia on Etsy

13. Jeffery Campbell Darian neon yellow shoe from Solestruck

14. Sly (Japan) feather jacket

15. Neon yellow Royal Opulence lace and tutu dress from the Outnet – now sold out, sorry!

Do you like anything from here? What would you accessorise the dress with? Would you do as they’ve done on the website and tone it down with basic black?

Postscript: I tried it on and it’s a little small around the back (I’ve put weight on this year and have just started to exercise again). Looks like I’ll be wearing the other dress, with gold sequin top and black tulle skirt, for the New Year!